LED Exclusive Interview with Mr. White

Chris White, AKA Mr. White, and also commonly known as "Dreamboat" here at LED took some time for an exclusive interview with us before he killed it this past Thursday night at Voyeur.

LED: When was it that you realized that you wanted to become a DJ...when did you decide, "this is the shit I want to do"?

Mr. White: I saw a documentary about DJing called Scratch and 2 weeks later I dropped out of college (Cal State).

LED: What other artists influence you?

Mr. White: DJ AM, Laidback Luke, Aoki

LED: What has been the craziest DJ moment for you?

Mr. White: I was playing a show in Chicago and there was a girl in front of the DJ booth trying to throw her panties on stage. As she was attempting to remove them she threw up on herself....I guess you really had to be there to understand, but it was pretty crazy.

LED: What has been your favorite venue to play at?

Mr. White: I throw the party every Friday at Avalon and I also have a residency with Voyeur, so for me both places are like home.

LED: Which do you prefer...the Voyeur bottle service girls or the LED wall dancers?

Mr. White: Duh, that's easy...the bottle service girls.


WHAT: L.E.D. Presents Mr. White
WHEN: Saturday, July 25th, 2011
WHERE: Voyeur | www.voyeursd.com