Tramps Like Us Interview with Proxy

Tramps Like Us Proxy LED presents
Hailing from the dark throes of Soviet Russia, Proxy was destined to emerge onto the electronic scene after a seed of inspiration was planted at a Prodigy show in 1997. With a newfound fascination brewing within, Proxy set out to master the dark art of synths himself, and would find success a decade later after signing with Tiga's Turbo Recordings. Since then he has had releases on BNR, Dim Mak, and Southern Fried, while also maintaining his position as label boss at self-started Mako. While touring the world and playing what many would describe as the definition of rave music, Proxy continues to push the boundaries of electronic music while also making hopeful headway for the future producers of Russia.

We tracked down the mysterious Proxy himself before he makes his debut at Sound Nightclub this Thursday, after which he will make his return to San Diego this Saturday for Day 1 of Tramps Like Us.
LED: You currently perform your live sets using Ableton. How has your DJ setup evolved over the years?
Proxy: Pretty Simple really, It was a long time ago when Vinyl just died and became a bit heavy to carry around the planet,  everyone played on CDJ's . So as well as others I was playing cd's then that moved to Ableton. A lot of people don't realise that I only play my productions and remixes in my shows. I don't actually DJ but Run my show electronically Live via ableton, controllers, launch pads etc..
LED: Your career took off when you contacted Tiga over MySpace, which resulted in your signing to Turbo Recordings. You now run your own label, Mako. What do you look for in demos? Are there any new releases on the horizon for the label?
Proxy: We are planning now 4 new releases, making a new website, and a new team in place. I am pretty busy re arranging my studio and doing many upgrades as I start writing my own next record in September 🙂
LED: Do you have any musical guilty pleasures? Perhaps something your fans wouldn't guess was in your library?
Proxy: I love to listen a lot of Hip-Hop, DnB and all other kinds of breaking beats.. Also sometimes I make remixes like I have just done for The M Machine which is not really the usual "Proxy" sound but I love testing people with new styles and sounds sometimes!!

LED: In an industry where producers are moving more towards primarily digital studios, you're a diamond in the rough with your analog-laden playground. If you were stuck on a deserted island and could only bring one piece of analog equipment with you, what would it be?
Proxy: This one is Easy!! My Vintgage Russian Polivoks Synth. That thing starts the riot ! And not many people have one as they don't make them anymore. A BIG sound comes from that thing!!!  If I could not get that on the desert Island I would find a way to make music on Bananas. Is there any bananas on the island ! ?
LED: What are some of the defining tracks that assisted your descent into electronic music?
Proxy: Smack My Bitch Up was my best assistant into electronic music. Also most of the Prodigys 'Music from the Jilted Generation album. An electronic Masterpiece.
LED: Earlier this year you released Part II of Eastblock Jungle, your 5-track EP "B Sides," as well as a remix for Japanese Popstars. What does the future hold for Proxy?
Proxy: Lot of stuff have to be done in the future, new studio, new experimental tracks, new live show. My life is one big tour ! . Remixes in the near future. My Main thing is writing the new album. And that is what I'm looking forward too

Don't miss PROXY at Sound Nightclub in Los Angeles on August 29th,


AND at Tramps Like Us on Saturday, August 31st !