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OMFG! NYE LA 2014 – December 31st at The Shrine – Presented by LED X Goldenvoice





NO Outside food or beverage

NO Alcohol , drugs, or drug paraphernalia

NO Glass bottles, metal cans, etc…

NO Instruments

NO Blankets

NO Chairs

NO Flags

NO Fireworks, explosives, laser pointers, slingshots, flashlights, etc…

NO Professional camera equipment, tripods, etc…

NO Audio recording devices

NO plush or furry items

NO spray paint

NO pacifiers

NO stickers, flyers, posters

NO open packs of cigarettes

NO E-cigarettes or E-hookahs

NO Eyedrops

NO Sharpies/ markers

NO Weapons, explosives, tear gas, pepper spray, etc…

NO Pocket knives or blades of any size or style

NO pets (with the exception of service animals)

NO Water guns, toy replica weapons, squirt bottles, soap bubbles, etc…

NO Noise making devices, ie- horns, cowbells, whistles, etc…

NO Beach balls, Frisbees, balloons, skateboards, skates, etc…

NO Sitting on designated dance floor areas!

NO Gang attire

NO Candy

NO chains/ chain wallets

NO oversized purses

NO backpacks

NO tailgating in parking lots

NO Refunds or exchanges or cancellations

Any other item deemed inappropriate by Shrine management