Porter Robinson's new album Worlds

Porter Robinson Worlds Album

Porter Robinson’s "Worlds", one of the most anticipated EDM album releases of 2014, has finally been dropped, and it delivers on a promise to provide the listener with an experience unlike any other past work by Porter. It is a true window into the mind of one of today’s most groundbreaking DJs of the scene. Unlike breakout album, “Spitfire”, a series of Electro House tracks Porter said he produced to please the masses and gain traction, the 22-year old DJ says that “Worlds" represents the kind of music he had always wanted to produce; one that he feels truly expresses his soul and passion for electronic music. The album as a whole, which is closer to 2012’s single track “Language” rather than his debut album, meshes a combination of slower tempos, dreamy textures, and Passion Pit-esque melodic deliveries often with a dance anthem base. The album is more than just a series of experimental tracks, it is the manifestation of the soundtrack of Porter’s young life and childhood growing up; one that used to be unabashedly filled with video game & anime culture. It’s an experience shared not only by the 22-year old producer, but also by the fans who share the same generation as him and lived out similar experiences. “Worlds” ability to tie the listener with the producer through this nostalgia is what makes it more than just a album, but an emotional experience that truly touches the hearts of those who can understand it.