Tramps Like Us Interview with Pegboard Nerds

Pegboard Nerds Tramps Like Us Interview 2014

After years of experimenting and cultivating knowledge in the vast sub-genres of EDM including Trance, House, and Techno; Alexander Odden from Norway, and Michael Parsberg hailing from Denmark have joined forces to create DJ duo force known as “Pegboard Nerds”. Known for their up-tempo, genre-bending hit tracks, Pegboard Nerds have been an international force to be reckoned with ever since their first signing with Monstercat label. A number of established names have realizes the duo’s potential early on. Krewella’s releases of the duo’s remixed tracks, along with Knife Party’s hand selection for support from the duo in tour come to mind of the early stardom that would be coming Pegboard Nerds’ way. Newly surfaced hit track “BADBOI”, which endorses a Trap style should be every indication of the duo’s creative span that ranges now from Electro House to Glitchpop and Dubstep. Already an established name in many sub-genres, fully expect only bigger and better things to come from the future of Pegboard Nerds. 
Q. Many would consider you guys to genre-bending, with many of your tracks containing elements from hardstyle to dubstep. Can you guys explain the creative process you undergo to create tracks and decide which style elements you like to put in?
A. All our track start with an initial idea and usually ends up somewhere else. We never start out with one particular style in mind. We love all styles of music and like to incorporate whatever we feel fits the song best.

Q. You guys said that you were ghost producers before officially teaming up to become “Pegboard Nerds”, can you tell us about the transition phase whether it was smooth or rocky, to becoming the actual renowned producers we know you as today?
A. It was smooth actually, because when we decided to skip our past and concentrate on Pegboard Nerds, we already had tons of tracks and ideas. We just wanted to focus on what we personally felt for and would like to play ourselves as dj´s.

Q: Of all of the groundbreaking tracks you two have produced, which one has left you guys the most rewarded or prideful upon completion, and why?
A: Thats a tough one. We love all our tracks. HERO was probably the track we spend most time and effort producing. We were anxious if our fans would hate us for doing such a weird combination of styles. 

Q: If you guys could collaborate with any producer who would it be and why?
A: Skrillex and/or Knife Party 

Q: A couple months we had the pleasure of having you host a set at our San Francisco show, Finger Lickin' Fort Mason, how did you guys feel about that experience altogether?
A: Awesome, we are honored to play at Tramps Like Us.

Q: Ever since you guys joined Monstercat, you’ve had a foothold on an international audience rather than just in Scandanavia, to what can you guys attribute for your successes?
A: Stamina and a good management team. And of course Monstercat.

Q: During the process of trying to make a name for yourselves as producers in your early career, who did you guys look up to for inspiration or motivation?
A: So so many. Dr.Dre , Sven Väth, Torsten Fenslau and most of the 90´s eurodance producers 

Q: Of all the festivals and club venues you guys have performed in, is there a particular memorable experience that stands out from the rest?
A: Red Rocks, that was an amazing experience.