Interview with Amine Edge & DANCE

Amine Edge & DANCE Interview
Q: When and where did you guys meet?
A: We were introduced by a friend in common at college.
Q: How did growing up in France influence your sound?
A: France didn’t really influence our sound, we are from the internet generation... We could see what was going on and take influences from everywhere.
Q: I know that both of you guys love R&B. In fact, DANCE, I read that R&B is your passion.
How has R&B influenced your sound?
A: RnB doesn’t necessarily influence my sound. Listening to RnB and producing music is two different things. When I produce, I can set aside a certain genre and what I create draws all sorts of influences.
Q: How do crowds in the United States differ from crowds around the world?
A: The crowd is often young and may not know much about the past. For many of them they are born with this EDM influence and it’s like House music has never been in the US and just arrived today for them... But tastes are evolving and the crowds are becoming more educated.
Q: What are the biggest challenges you've faced with your record label CUFF?
A: Selling tracks is always a challenge; also evolving musically is a challenge and sometimes a risk.
Q: What's been the biggest moment of your career so far?
A: It’s hard to say, we don’t often have time to step back and realize things. Playing Ministry of Sound is always super exciting, Coachella, EDC Las Vegas... touring the world, being recognised for industry awards, releasing successful music. So many great moments and we are blessed to have this life.
Q: How do you see the dance music scene evolving over the next few years?
A: Fuck knows... we just create music that make our hearts beat without really knowing where we are going.