Tramps Like Us 2015 Recap

On September 25th, the Valley View Casino Center underwent its quarterly transformation into the LED Dome as dance music fans invaded the arena to experience Tramps Like Us. The stacked lineup coupled with the amazing atmosphere led to an unforgettable night for attendees.

Everyone who showed up early to the LED Dome was greeted by a huge opening set by UFO.

Wax Motif took the stage after UFO and kept the crowd hyped with his blend of future bass and g-house. If you missed his set, you can catch him at CRSSD Fest on October 10th.

heRobust came on after Wax Motif and had everyone in the crowd throwing up their trap arms.

Branchez kept the trap vibe going, but he elected to scale it back a bit from heRobust's crazy, drop-filled set. The change in sound was welcomed by the crowd, as everyone's arms seemed to be tired after throwing them up during the previous set.

Kryder took the stage next and laid down an enjoyable house set before the three co-headliners—Martin Solveig, 3LAU, and Adventure Club—took the stage.

Martin Solveig strayed from his pop sound as a producer and showed that he can drop some massive festival tunes as a DJ. If you want to relive Solveig's set, you're in luck. One brave soul recorded the entire set, which you can watch below.

3LAU followed up Solveig with a set full of feel-good, singalong tracks. He dropped ZAXX's remix of Alice Deejay's classic, "Better Off Alone," as well as his own edits of Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Otherside" and Paris & Simo's remix of Zombie by Kernkraft 400. However, the 3LAU edit that received the most love from the crowd was his mashup of Galantis' "U & I" and his own single, "How You Love Me."

Adventure Club didn't hit the stage until 2:15am, but their infectious energy managed to whip the crowd into a frenzy. Their set was stuffed with hits, and one of their songs stood out as the most memorable moment of the night for me. As a 25-year-old working in the corporate world, Adventure Club's remix of "Youth" struck a chord. With the night winding down and my group of friends trying to squeeze out every last bit of fun from the event, I belted out the lyrics of "Youth." I loved the remix when it first came out, but I didn't truly relate to it until I heard Adventure Club drop it at Tramps Like Us.

Brillz closed out the night with his signature twonk sound. The fans who were still at the LED Dome went crazy. They clearly wanted to savor every last minute of Tramps Like Us before they had to head home. The last tramps standing ensured that this was an experience they would never forget.

Skrillex Taking Over San Diego During Labor Day Weekend

Skrillex LED Day Club 2015

Are you looking to have some fun in San Diego during Labor Day Weekend? Well, circle September 6th on your calendar because Skrillex is coming to town, and he's taking over San Diego. The international superstar will be playing two San Diego shows in one day. During the early evening, he will be headlining a show at the Quartyard. LED DJ Klatch, budding techno star Rezz, and OWSLA's Mija are opening for Skrillex at the Quartyard. Once the sun goes down, Skrillex will head across downtown to play a nighttime set at Parq Nightclub.

Skrillex recently became a mainstay on the radio due to his hit song, "Where Are U Now," as a part of his superduo Jack U with Diplo. Of course, Justin Bieber's name recognition and flute-like vocals went a long way in popularizing the song. However, it's Skrillex's ear-rattling brand of dubstep—often referred to as American dubstep or brostep—that first propelled him to dance music stardom in 2010. His songs served as an introduction to electronic music for many of today's most fervent dance music fans. He could have easily remained content as a dubstep superstar, but Skrillex's passion for pushing the boundaries of dance music as OWSLA's founder coupled with his undying desire to develop as a producer helped him transform into one of dance music's most respected tastemakers.

Mija has been a clear beneficiary of Skrillex's search for the most talented producers. Last year, she was tirelessly working to gain recognition in the Arizona club scene when she made the trek to play a set at Bonnaroo in Tennessee. However, she wasn't scheduled to play at one of the festival's massive stages. She was scheduled to play a small set in the Bonnaroo campsite at the Burning Man Art Car at 5:45am. When 5:45am came around, Skrillex randomly rolled up to the art car after finding out that Bonnaroo's silent disco had already closed. Mija asked Skrillex if he wanted to go b2b, and he indulged her. Their set was uploaded to NEST HQ's SoundCloud, and an article about the situation went viral. Within hours of's article, Mija's Facebook went from a few hundred followers to a few thousand. The viral article helped show off Mija's transcendent talent, resulting in a meteoric rise to stardom for the Arizona native.

Skrillex's open-mindedness about music is one of his most impressive qualities. For example, take a look at the musicians he booked to open for him during his Takeovers last year: A$AP Rocky, Seven Lions, Jack Beats, Alvin Risk, Louisahhh!!!, Craze, UZ, David Heartbreak, Etnik, Samo Sound Boy, GTA, Just Blaze, Lunice, Shift K3Y, AC Slater, Bro Safari, Clockwork, and TOKiMONSTA. That list includes trap, hip hop, techno, progressive house, dubstep, and more. Skrillex appreciates all types of music, which isn't a very big surprise considering his transformation from the vocalist of a hardcore band into an electronic music star.

His love for all music is evidenced by the DJs opening up for him at The Quartyard. In addition to Mija, Rezz and Klatch will be spinning opening sets. Rezz has recently taken the blogosphere by storm with her grimy, industrial techno sound. She has been described as the "female Gesaffelstein." That is a gross oversimplification, but it helps you gain an idea of her sound. Rezz will be a household name in techno circles by 2016.

Klatch used to be an LED DJ as one-half of Deth Hertz. He has fine-tuned his sound and developed into a talented producer of sultry deep house. His set will be the perfect way to kick off the show at The Quartyard as the sun still sits high above in San Diego's blue sky.

You don't want to miss out on Skrillex's shows at The Quartyard and Parq. They are the perfect way to spend your Labor Day Weekend.

Buy tickets to Skrillex's day party at Quartyard: Click here
Buy tickets to Skrillex's nighttime show at Parq: Click here

LED OMFG! SD 2015 Recap

LED rang in 2015 in a big way. OMFG! SD was expanded to a three-day event, taking place December 29-31 at the Valley View Casino Center in San Diego. On top of that, a second stage—"The Zoo"—was added to the massive event. The lineup was packed with some of dance music's biggest names, including Tiesto, Eric Prydz, Hardwell, Madeon, Flosstradamus, and Deorro. But before we dig into the headlining acts, we have to address some of the up-and-coming producers/DJs who threw down mind-blowing sets at OMFG! SD.

What So Not absolutely blew up in 2014. Emoh Instead and Flume comprise the duo, but Emoh typically tours on his own under the What So Not name. His set on the first day of OMFG! SD injected the crowd with endless energy.

DJ Sliink and Trippy Turtle brought Jersey Club to The Zoo on consecutive days. The King of Jersey Club, DJ Sliink, was the bed-squeak purveyor on Day 1, and he did not disappoint. The next day, Trippy Turtle—arguably the most popular Jersey Club producer—almost shut The Zoo down. People began lining up to get into The Zoo 25 minutes before Trippy Turtle's set started. Some people were forced to wait in line for 30+ minutes by security due to safety reasons. However, the wait was well worth it. Trippy Turtle had the crowd dancing from start to finish, as he played his own hits interspersed with some awesome remixes. The crowd sang along when he played a remix of Ginuwine's "Pony," and I personally enjoyed when he played some Craig David.

Bixel Boys#FREELIFE jersey adorned countless OMFG! SD attendees all three days of the event. The jersey's success has helped increase the profile of the LA-based duo. The Bixel Boys played an early set on New Year's Eve, but they still managed to whip the crowd into a frenzy with their "big room underground" tunes. After their set at OMFG! SD, Rob May and Ian MacPherson rushed to their headlining set at Bang Bang in Downtown San Diego to ring in 2015.

The LED DJs were well represented at OMFG! SD. TJR, Brazzabelle, SNBRN, Klatch, and Deth Hertz all played crowd-pleasing sets. Just a few years ago, these LED DJs were playing opening sets at Voyeur. Now, some of them are traveling across the country (or world in TJR's case) to play their own headlining shows.

The headliners for Day 1 and 2, Hardwell and Tiesto, played solid sets for the big room house music fans. Flosstradamus might have had the most energetic set at OMFG! SD, which peaked when they played their hit track "Mosh Pit." The floor opened up during the song, and attendees flung themselves against each other in a display of youthful exuberance.

On the last day of OMFG! SD, GTA played during the countdown to 2015.

Although the countdown was a huge deal, OMFG! SD was far from over. Gareth Emery and Henry Fong followed GTA with fun sets, leading into Deorro. The Melbourne Bounce producer previously announced that he was retiring from touring after 2014, and the anticipation for his set was palpable. The crowd was starting to lose its energy following the countdown, but as soon as Deorro jumped on stage at 2am, everyone went nuts.

Eric Prydz closed out the night with an awesome set. With his progressive house style, it can be difficult to fully immerse yourself in the Prydz experience during a shorter set. However, he made effective adjustments and delivered a hypnotizing set to the attendees who were able to last past 4am.

If you're having withdrawals following OMFG! SD, don't worry: LED Anniversary will be taking place at the Valley View Casino Center on February 15th!

Tramps Like Us Day 2 Preview


We've already released a preview of the first day of Tramps Like Us that you can read hereToday, we're here with a preview of the second day of the massive event.

ƱZ is one of the most intriguing acts in the dance music world at the moment. There are many theories as to whose face is behind the ƱZ mask. Regardless of ƱZ's true identity, there's no doubt that the man behind the mask is an extremely talented producer. He's one of the most prominent names in trap music, and his talent led to prominent rappers such as Trinidad James, Casey Veggies and Problem stepping into the studio with ƱZ to help create Balltrap Muzik Vol. 1. If you've seen ƱZ live, you're familiar with the fact that he always knows how to make the crowd turn up. His wild sets have gotten Voyeur crowds so turnt up that mosh pits happened. Don't miss out on the crazy energy that the trap extraordinaire will bring to the Valley View Casino Center stage!

Next up on the list is LA resident Anna Lunoe. She just moved to Los Angeles last year from  Sydney, Australia, and she's already made a huge impact on American soil. Anna Lunoe initially started her career as the host a dance music show on FBi Radio in Sydney. From there, the multi-talented Australian moved into DJing and producing. To further illustrate her talent, she's even laid down her heavenly vocals to a number of tracks. When it comes to describing Anna Lunoe's sound, don't try to put her into a box. She's been known to spin house, techno, nu disco, glitch, garage and indie pop. In an interview with Denver Westwood, she said, "I'm naturally attracted to a lot of different music, and I'm more in love with the ideas behind different musical movements than one particular genre." Anna Lunoe's diverse set at Tramps Like Us will undoubtedly be a ton of fun!

Borgore needs no introduction. The Israeli gorestep producer rose to fame on the back of his huge drops, mind-bending wobbles and raunchy lyrics. His inclusion of Miley Cyrus on his single "Decisions" led to him garnering even more attention across the globeHowever, the most shocking moment of his career was when he released his collaboration with Carnage, "Incredible." The song was a huge departure from what the music industry had come to expect from Borgore. It is a big room house anthem that was played at festivals worldwide. "Incredible" showed that Borgore has plenty of tricks up his sleeve as he continues to rise up the dance music ranks. He's also shown great ability as a record label manager, as he's brought on huge talent such as Bare, Kennedy Jones and Ookay. We can't wait to see what Borgore has in store for us during Labor Day Weekend! 

Chuckie has consistently made people jump for years with his high-energy music. Wait, shouldn't we be calling him Sir Clyde Narain? That's right--the Dirty Dutch purveyor was recently knighted in his homeland of Suriname. That should show you big of a deal Chuckie is! He has been a fixture in the house music scene dating back to the release of "Let The Bass Kick" in 2008. His consistency as a producer has been extremely impressive. You might need a Redbull before Chuckie takes the stage at Tramps Like Us, because he might wear you out with all the jumping you'll be doing!

Gareth Emery made a huge wave in the dance music industry when he came out in opposition to the controversial DJ Mag Top 100. The catalyst to his decision was a PR company who approached him saying that another DJ had spent $15,000 on solely Twitter advertising. Instead of spending money on DJ Mag Top 100 advertising, Gareth Emery told his fans that attending his shows was enough support, and he urdged the public to not vote for him in the poll. Furthermore, he donated $15,000 to five different charities. The move by Gareth Emery deservedly received support from many people in the music industry. Although he used to be known for his trance music, Gareth Emery has made a transition to more of a house/trouse sound, which is evident when listening to his weekly podcast.

R3hab was taken under the wing of Afrojack a few years ago, and he has turned into one of the most prolific remixers in the dance music industry. However, that doesn't take anything away from R3hab in the original production department. In the past, he's had huge success with "Prutataaa," "Sending My Love" and "The Bottle Song." He looks to have another huge hit on his hands in the near future with his track "Revolution," which he created with the help of NERVO and Ummet Ozcan. Having R3hab playing on the same night as Chuckie means that there will be a ton of Dirty Dutch music playing, so you better be prepared to do a lot of dancing!

What So Not will no longer be playing at Tramps Like Us due to visa issues, but rest assured that we have replaced their set time with a huge SPECIAL GUEST! 

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Tramps Like Us Day 1 Preview


Tramps Like Us is so close that we often find ourselves daydreaming about going crazy on the dance floor at the Valley View Casino CenterTo get you even more excited for the event, we're here with a nice little preview of the event. Today, we'll preview the first day of Tramps Like Us, which is taking place on Saturday, August 31st. 

The first name that appears on the bill is Brazzabelle. You might recognize the LEDdj from recent events such as My LED USA, HARD Summer and Splash House. She was also on The CW as the DJ for the 15th Annual Young Hollywood Awards. Hell, she even received a cameo spot in the video for "Hey Now" by Martin Solveig! There's no doubt that Brazzabelle is a rising star in the industry, and we are proud to have her as an LEDdj. She did a great job of kicking off My LED USA, and she will do the same for Tramps Like Us.

Next up on the alphabetical flier is Spanish wunderkind Danny Avila. The 18-year old has accomplished more over the last year than many DJs have done throughout their entire career. Avila played at Coachella, earned placement on Sirius XM for his radio show Ready to Jump, secured a residency at Hakkasan and to top it off, he's booked to play at TomorrowWorld. International superstar Tiesto is on record as saying that Avila is the next big superstar in the dance music industry. After doling out such high praise, it's only fitting that Tiesto signed Avila's new single "Tronco" to his record label Musical Freedom. Listen to "Tronco" and get excited to see the 18-year old Avila at Tramps Like Us before he truly hits international superstar status!

Dirty South's 2013 has been unlike any other year for the veteran Grammy-nominated producers. This year featured the release of the Dirty South's first ever studio album, Speed of LifeThe album hit #1 on the iTunes Dance Chart the day that it was released. Also, the house DJ/producer has a residency at XS Nightclub at Encore. His infectious vocal house tracks always gets people excited, and you can be sure that the Tramps Like Us crowd will be singing at the top of their lungs when he plays "City of Dreams" and "Walking Alone." 

At this point, everyone knows who Nicky Romero is. After he absolutely destroyed the Valley View Casino Center at LED Anniversary last year, everyone in San Diego knew that the Dutch DJ would become a superstar. He just surpassed one million 'likes' on Facebook, and his collaboration with Krewella titled "Legacy," is already at 500,000 listens on Soundcloud after just one month. We are lucky enough to be the first stop on his Nothing Toulouse North America Tour. Let's make sure we kick Nicky Romero's tour off right!

The Russian producer Proxy is next up on the lineup. Proxy aims to seek and destroy when he's spinning, and his unrelenting sets are known to make crowds go bonkers. He does not let up on stage as his blend of techno and electro tracks put the crowd under his spell. If you look up interviews Proxy has given in the past, you'll see that he is an intelligent and very blunt person. Growing up in the bleak Eastern Bloc was clearly influential on the talented Russian. When it comes to answering questions, Proxy never sugarcoats his responses. Proxy desires to CRUSH anything that stands in his path. We can't wait for him to crush the stage at Tramps Like Us!

Quintino is another Hakkasan resident DJ who's playing at Tramps Like Us. Prior to 2013, most people stateside only knew Quintino as a friend of Tiesto and Afrojack and as one of the guys who made "Epic." However, he's worked hard in 2013 to gain international attention. His new single "Puzzle" is currently in the Beatport Top 10, and he's quickly proving that he has what it takes to succeed. His high energy electro house and Dutch house set will be exciting to watch!

Will Sparks has been on fire recently. The Australian producer is currently at the forefront of the 'Melbourne Sound' movement. San Diegans should know all about the bouncy style known as Melbourne Sound, because LEDdj TJR'hit "Ode to Oi" is a perfect example of what the Melbourne Sound is all about. In fact, TJR even edited Will Sparks' track "Ah Yeah." If you have yet to hear "Ah Yeah," you might have heard Will Sparks' remix of "Blurred Lines" by Robin Thicke. The remix currently sits at #4 on the Beatport Top 10. We'll embed both "Ah Yeah" and the "Blurred Lines" remix below to help keep you bouncing until you can see Will Sparks on August 31st!

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Axwell at my Life Every Day USA [track list]

Axwell my Life Every Day USA

On the second day of My Life Every Day USA, international superstar Axwell was one of the biggest draws.

As expected, Axwell played a heavy Swedish House Mafia set, but he also dropped a few gems into his set. The new Don Diablo & Matt Nash song “Starlight (Could You Be Mine)” was great to hear live for the first time. Nicky Romero’s new collaboration with Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano—which has a working title of “Jack To The Sound Of The Underground”—was another impressive song choice by Axwell.

About midway through his set, Axwell played his new song “Center Of The Universe.” A good portion of the crowd knew the lyrics to the song despite the fact it had yet to be officially released. “Center Of The Universe” was officially released on May 30, and it currently sits at #1 on the Beatport Top 10 chart.

Hearing Daft Punk’s new song “Doin’ It Right” was a welcomed curveball from Axwell. He mashed the song up with Deniz Koyu’s “Rage” in order to make it a bit more festival-ready.

Throughout Axwell’s set, the crowd was subjected to an absolute sensory overload. In addition to the mind-bending lasers on display, Axwell brought pyrotechnics that went off on several occasions. Each time the pyrotechnics lit up the Valley View Casino Center, the crowd’s eyes grew wide in utter amazement. All of the fantastic visuals paired with Axwell’s fun set made for an awesome overall experience.

For your viewing pleasure, here is Axwell’s full set courtesy of Cristian Luna. Also included is a handy dandy tracklist below the videos so that you know exactly what songs Axwell played.

Axwell’s My LED USA track list