Tramps Like Us Interview with Dirty South


LED: You recently played down in San Diego as ‘Special Guest’ at Voyeur. What was the reaction like from the crowd when you stepped up to the DJ booth?
Dirty South: Reaction was incredible that night. I remember doing one little cheeky tweet that there was a chance i might be in town that night, and San Diegans are pretty clever, they figured it out and it was a crazy packed night at Voyeur which happens to be one of my favorite clubs to play in.

LED: You played at the inaugural LED Anniversary show last year. How excited are you to return to San Diego and play for these fans alongside a huge lineup of your peers?
DS: LED puts on great events and I'm always super happy to be part of their shows. Last year was an incredible event and I really miss playing in San Diego. I need to get my ass over there more often.

LED: Do you have a favorite memory from a past show in San Diego?
DS: Yes I do, and it involves the owner of LED, but I can't share it with you for technical and legal reasons 🙂

LED: The term Dirty South has a huge connotation with the Rap/Hip-Hop community. If you could be a rapper, which one would you be and why?
DS: Probably a less-angry version of Eminem. He's always mad about something.

LED: What does the phrase ‘Tramps Like Us’ mean to you?
DS: I think it's super simple. It means having fun and not giving a shit!

Don’t miss DIRTY SOUTH at Tramps Like Us on Saturday, August 31st!



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TLU I'm Going To


UK producer and label head ADAM F has been making the rounds in the US this year bringing his talents to dance floors and festival grounds all across the country. Between producing countless genres of music, running the highly successful Breakbeat Kaos label and touring all over recently, it's no surprise he find himself in the upper echelon of the dance music world yet again. LED  presents was able to catchup with ADAM F before his upcoming show in San Diego this weekend and pick his brain for a bit. Check out the interview below and be sure to catch ADAM F performing at Voyeur this Thursday!

LED: Most people probably first heard of you through your first artist releases producing Drum & Bass music, so some may not realize that you also produce Hip-Hop. Is Hip Hop where you first started producing? Any major artists you have worked with in the hip-hop industry?

ADAM F: Hip Hop is definitely one of my early loves listening to music but not where I started producing. It’s often I meet producers , artists and D.J’s who make or play Complextro, Trap, House, or Dubstep that first got into electronic music through Drum & Bass and loved hip hop at the time of starting to make music. I have always liked the challenge of producing something different involving Hip-Hop. After my first artist album Colours came the Drum and Bass Warfare project  involving Hip-Hop artists which I took on the road with DJ Craze. I have worked with a lot of the classic Hip-Hop artists that I grew up listening to including Redman, Missy Elliot, De La Soul, Guru, Method Man, M.O.P, Capone n Noreaga, L.L. Cool J, and Dead Prez.

LED: What drew you from hip-hop to the more electronic spectrum of music? Was it an easy transition or did it take some time to really find your sound?

ADAM F: Going to the bigger outdoor festivals and raves that were all electronic music and of course the more intimate underground clubs. I wouldn’t say there was a transition as such as electronic music was evolving then as it always is but producing electronic and Hip-Hop developed simultaneously for me. I just found myself getting into a lot of other dance genres both as a producer and as a DJ and  I just saw it all as an exciting time to combine and evolve music at club level.

LED: With the dance music culture in America differing from Europe it’s often difficult to make the jump overseas and still have a successful career and maintain your sound. Did you find this to be a very daunting task or did you find a way to make it work pretty easily in the US. Do have any advice for others looking to do the same?

ADAM F: Personally I think both sides of the pond have influenced each other at different times and will continue to do so, you can see that now in the more deeper sounds of House and over the last few years in Dubstep. Radio stations are playing more varied dance music than ever before supporting artists from everywhere.

I had a vision one day to try get some of the biggest names in Hip-Hop to work with a UK producer at a time when that just didn’t happen which was daunting at the time and it took going to many shows and handing out CDs and patience but from it came some of my first releases in the US. Those went on to be singles for Redman and L.L Cool J’s first Billboard #1 and opened a world of production opportunities.

So I would say if you have a vision as a producer or artist that seem against the odd’s go for it, now more than ever the worlds ears are open and ready for experimenting and taking the jump.

LED: You have been hitting the festival circuit pretty hard but have also been playing more intimate club gigs. Do you prefer one instead of the other?

ADAM F: I play a mixed set of genres when I DJ. Festivals are always a special experience for me playing to big crowds with mixed music taste and with all the different themes, locations, and stage production. Intimate shows always feel more personal though with a stronger connection to the crowd.

LED: You also run Breakbeat Kaos. What’s it like being a producer, traveling all over on tour, and trying to run a label at the same time?

ADAM F: Traveling and playing out has always been the best way to hear new music and discover new artists for the label.

LED: You’ve released some of the biggest names on the scene on your label such as Pendulum, Chase & Status, and Nero. Are there any other big names with upcoming releases on Breakbeat Kaos that people should be keeping an eye out for?

ADAM F: We have always wanted to work with artist’s that have a vision for the future and can perform live and we feel will naturally evolve their sound. Pendulum who also produce as Knife Party are a great example. Nero and Chase & Status are both amazing artists that perform live, make great albums and continuously produce quality and cutting edge music that keeps the underground movement and true fans excited. At the moment both DJ Fresh and myself are focusing on our own projects, so no new plans for BBK releases at present.

LED: After this tour, what’s next for Adam F? Do you have any collaborations coming up or in the works?

A: Next on the music front is a new single, released on Circus records called ‘The Pit.' It’s a collaboration including myself and Doctor P featuring Method Man. Also a release on Dim Mak as a collab between myself and Cory Enemy called ‘Strike Gold’ You can hear some previews of new music on my soundcloud page.

LED: Lastly, with the dance music scene and culture constantly shifting and changing, what direction to you think is in store for us next? Any new styles or sounds you think will breakout in the next year or so? Maybe a revival of a specific genre?

ADAM F: Yes it’s definitely shifting and changing and that’s what keeps it alive in my opinion. I definitely see the organic side of song structures, emotion and sounds coming through more in some styles of the dance scene. We have seen that in acts like Disclosure and I see more of the 90’s influences becoming more present. Its felt more like a singles or E.P lead market over recent times so this may produce some more great artist album projects, music for inside and out of the clubs. Exciting times!  See you at Voyeur on Thursday night!


Wesley Pentz, more commonly know as Diplo, really wants you to have a good time this summer. From starting the season off with a 6 HOUR ENDLESS SUMMER PLAYLIST to rolling out the latest installment of Mad Decent's annual Block Party Tour, he clearly is looking to keep the party going as long as possible. With such a great showing at least year's events, it's no wonder the Mad Decent Block Party has decided to up the ante and extended the tour and include tons of brand new stops, capping off the tour with the FIRST EVER Mad Decent Block Party in San Diego!

With more high profile artists than ever on the tour, the Mad Decent Block Party is garnering more attention than ever before. Diplo's Jamaican dance-hall circus show/musical act better known as Major Lazer headlines the San Diego stop along side the bone rattling Canadian dubstep group Zeds Dead and drum and saxophone jamming duo Big Gigantic. Other notable acts on the bill include rising female hip-hop star Sasha Go HardBody High label head Samo Sound Boy, and newly formed supergroup Jack U consisting of none other than Skrillex and Diplo himself. With something to accomodate the tastes of any and all music fans alike, a true sense of an actual 'Block Party' can be felt when Mad Decent comes rolling into town.

Of course there is always more than just a music that makes an awesome Block Party. Other activities include ping-pong and foosball tables, Mad Decent t-shirt making, and the always fierce Dodgeball tournament. Don't forget about the hottest food trucks in the area will be cooking up all of the best snacks for you to munch on while you rage!

With LED Presents and PUMA teaming up with Mad Decent this year, expect the finale of the Mad Decent Block Party Tour to be nothing short of the craziest block party you have ever been a part of. Tickets are currently on sale and can be purchased HERE.

BRAZZABELLE x gLAdiator - No Scrubs Remix

LED's resident Brazzabelle is back at it again, this time teaming up with Los Angeles trap duo gLAdiator to put their spin on the classic TLC track 'No Scrubs'. Upon immediately listening to this mix of the throwback 90's jam, the smooth and soulful filled vibes along with the added trap snares shows the meshed influences from both parties collectively. A great use of the original vocals keeps the heart and soul of this track while spicing it up with some of today's latest music trends. Don't be surprised if this gem slips into some summertime pool party sets over the next few months.

For a FREE DOWNLOAD be sure to visit Brazzabelle's FACEBOOK PAGE.

Share the stage with TJR at Voyeur

tjr cont

Think you have what it takes to share the stage with TJRLED Earmilk Wavo are all teaming up to give one lucky producer a shot at opening for TJR at Voyeur on July 27th! If you have been working hard in the studio and think your productions deserve to be played out in the hottest club in San Diego now is your chance to prove it!

Here's what you have to do to enter:
1. Produce an original track that displays your production skill and distinctive style.
2. Submit your original track to Earmilk's micro-site, HERE.
3. Promote and share the link to the micro-site with all your friends, family and fans - make sure to have them vote!

Contest submissions are due July 15th, the voting period will occur from July 15th to July 22nd, and a winner will be announced July 24th. The winner will be chosen on the basis of popularity and the expert opinions of our LED panel of judges.

-Contest open to residents of the USA
-No contestants under the age of 21
-All genres within EDM are welcome for submission
-Transportation will not be provided by LED or Voyeur

tjr flier



LED DJ TJR just dropped two HUGE bootlegs of KREWELLA's smash hit 'Alive.' The first features TJR's signature Melbourne Bounce sound he has become synonymous with while the second emphasizes a killer bass-line sure to take over any club's dance floor. Check out both TJR's Bouncy Version and TJR's Booty Bass Version and catch him in San Diego at Voyeur on July 27th!

Kaskade Review

Ten years, ten whole years. If you are reading this, chances are that ten years ago you were still enrolled in some form of school and just beginning your life. While you were experiencing all there was to gain from your formative years, a new beginning was also taking place. Ryan Raddon, more commonly known to the masses as Kaskade, had unknowingly begun what would turn into an illustrious career as a music producer. His debut album ‘It’s You, It’s Me’ was released in the year 2003 and the album went on to do fairly well, making waves overseas and causing a stir stateside as well.

As you well know, this was not the end of the road for Raddon. He has gone on to be one of the most recognizable producers in dance music worldwide. Whether it be winning DJ and producer awards or playing in front of sold out crowds all over the globe, it’s hard to come across someone who hasn’t heard the name Kaskade these days. However, this current tour, aptly titled ‘It’s You It’s Me Redux’ was not about any of this. Taking place in only small clubs where he used to play, this tour was a way to connect with the past and the roots of where he once started. “This was a concept I came up with, wanting to go back to where I was, where the scene was, ten years ago. There will neither be stadiums nor big crowds. It’s going to be intimate. It’s going to be deep.“

After frantically checking my watch for what seemed like forever, the man of the hour finally appeared behind the booth. Once Kaskade’s presence on stage was noticed, it was if time had stopped. The anticipation was finally gone and only a giddy sense of enthrallment could be felt throughout the crowd; a new life had been breathed into the room. Nobody knew exactly what he was going to play, but we knew it was going to be transcendent nonetheless.

After addressing the crowd quickly with his sentiments, Kaskade immediately dove into the music, opening with the title track from his album ‘It’s You, It’s Me’. Instead of the all out frenzy I expected to occur upon hearing the vocals of the track, the crowd kept within the vibe that Kaskade was looking for with this tour. A calmness I had never experienced in this setting had taken over the room and I felt as if I had known everyone in attendance for quite some time. Sticking with his some of his older work, ‘IYIM’ was followed up nicely with ‘Waste Love’ and ‘I’ll Never Dream’, leaving no doubts that his set was going to be deep.

The tone had now been set and the “drowning” effect that Ryan had mentioned when previewing the tour was starting to set in. There was no fist pumping or grinding, no shuffling or yelling, just the crowd vibing along with the deep house atmosphere. Expecting to hear only older stuff from his catalogue, the ‘Llove (Ice Mix)’ caught me a bit off guard but still managed to fit in marvelously within his older tracks.

Having read beforehand that his set would consist of predominantly his own tunes with some other goodies sprinkled within, I was curious as to what other tracks he would possibly play. Assuming it would be older tracks from the early 2000’s he played out in his sets back then, I was bit shocked when the lyrics to ‘Jack’ slowly crept up. It’s not often you see get to experience Kaskade playing out the newest Dirtybird bombshell so I made sure to soak it all in.

At this point I was content with my dance floor experience and was set to head upstairs to get a view of the entire club and embrace the setting I was in. As I turned around to head out of the crowd, I quickly found myself being pulled back in by the Members Only mix of ‘I Can Go For That’. Never in a million years did I picture myself dancing to Hall & Oates in a nightclub setting yet there I was, 2-stepping my heart out and singing along to the lyrics with those around me. If I hadn’t momentarily worn myself out the same instance most likely would have occurred when Mark Knight’sAlright’ was dropped directly after.

After finally heading upstairs and grabbing a good spot on the railing I found myself starting to settle in and absorb what was happening around me. A girl a few spots to my left was decked out in a home made Kaskade gear and was reaching out as if she were about to hug the man himself. After chatting with her for a bit she divulged that she had also been to the Redux stops in Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles as well. She explained to me the crazy trip she had decided to take and all the amazing people she had met on her trek down the coast to experience this once in a lifetime tour. As the lyrics from ‘One Heart’ serenaded the crowd she rapped up her story and left again for the dance floor. I was trying to imagine how lucky (and probably exhausted) this girl was when it started to dawn on me; this wasn’t an ordinary nightclub experience downtown, this was a full on celebration. A celebration of the past, a celebration of what we have experienced, and a celebration of how far we have come. It finally hit me that not only the passion behind the music being played, but the moment that we were in was unattainable almost anywhere else and completely worth a trip up and down the US to have another chance to experience it. The hype behind the tour had now come to fruition and the words Kaskade spoke about his last ten years could now be felt through the music more than ever.

It had been well over 2 hours yet Raddon showed no signs of slowing down. ‘Angel On My Shoulder’, ‘Move For Me’, and ‘Eyes (Deep Mix)’ hit home for everyone in the club and resulted in attendees belting out the lyrics. Never in San Diego have I seen the energy level of a club this high this late into the night. Although the timing wasn’t quite in line, ‘4 AM’ brought back the intimacy to the set and even managed to bring some ladies to tears.

Finally after around 3 hours of Kaskade classics the night eventually started to wind down. Late Night Alumni’s ‘Empty Streets’ was set to be closing track but the crowd wasn’t ready to leave. Chants of ‘One More Song’ rang through the venue and Raddon was much obliged to stay on for one more. After thanking everyone for not only the night but for the last ten years, Kaskade closed with the very fitting ‘I Remember’ and took to signing all sorts of memorabilia that fans had brought out that night.

I must admit that when I first had gotten wind of Kaskade’s plans for a Redux tour I assumed it to be another gimmicky string of shows with an easy chance to cash in for all of those involved. After being able to attend the final stop on the ‘IYIM Redux Tour’ I can honestly say it was anything but a gimmick. Even though it was his last stop, it was clear the passion for his music and his fans was still as present as ever. Those who were there had the pleasure of not only enjoying an iconic night of music, but also a tribute to how this music scene has evolved over the last ten years.

A-Trak + GTA Review

A-Trak GTA Voyeur my LED USA


I arrived inside Voyeur and the crowd was already buzzing with excitement. Chrome Sparks finished up his set with the tasteful remix Disclosure provided for Jessie Ware’s track Running as more guests continued to file into the venue. As the music slowly faded out, cheers started to emanate from the crowd. The time had come and GTA made their way into the booth and were ready to kick things off.

The energy in the room was almost palpable at this point. Attendees crowded the booth to get a prime view of one of Miami’s hottest duos. Sensing the crowds excitement and somewhat rambunctious demeanor, GTA chose to forego opening with one of their own tunes and started their set off with an absolute explosion coming in the form of Rage Against The Machine’s Killing In The Name.

A-Trak GTA Voyeur show

With the crowd now on their side and in an absolute frenzy, GTA had some room to work with in their set. Known for playing (and producing) all different types of genres, the boys continued doing just that with the rest of their time. Moving through hip-hop to trap to moombahton to electro, GTA left no genre untouched throughout their set. Playing tracks from the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Empire of the Sun, Biggie Smalls, and TNGHT, GTA made sure that everyone’s musical tastes were adhered to. As the time drew closer to midnight, the boys snuck in a few more tracks before their time was up. Their own track alongside Henrix and Digital Lab ‘Hit It’ was another crowd favorite and set the tempo perfectly for them to close with 2 Chainz ‘I’m Different’ accompanied with some moobah beats.

After an extremely high energy set from GTA, the man of the night, A-trak took over on the turntables. Donning his standard attire consisting of a leather vest, nice jeans, and brand new Nikes (surprisingly no fedora on this night), Trizzy began his set by putting on display some of his scratching skills. After demonstrating why he is a World Champion DJ, A-trak began with an onslaught of tunes. Blowing through tracks pretty quickly, he was able to keep everyone guessing with what would be coming next.

A-Trak Voyeur San Diego

Having checked my phone at this point, I was delighted to find that it was still only 12:30. A-trak still had a good chunk of time left and I was more than content with dancing for longer.  Slowly the sounds of The Big Bad Wolf crept up and it wasn’t long until the crowd was howling along with the track. Following up with some more Fool’s Gold releases, Tuna Melt sounded better than ever on the rumbling speakers and Kid Sister’s Pro Nails provided a bit of nostalgia for those who remembered the track.

Moving on with some more of his own productions, his remix of Martin Solveig’s The Night Out had the crowd grooving along with his collaboration with Oliver on Disco Nap. Catching everyone by surprise, A-trak mixed into Roscoe Dash and Soulja Boy’s hit All The Way Turnt Up. With a cheeky grin on his face, it was clear A-trak was definitely enjoying himself on stage and having fun with the crowd.


As his time was winding down, A-trak made sure those in attendance would not forget this night, ending with an all out barrage of huge tunes that were just what the crowd wanted. Starting with his always recognizable Heads Will Roll remix, the entire crowd joined him in belting out the Karen O lyrics along with the music. After a nice run through of The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, he continued on with Ode to Oi from LED’s own resident TJR. With everyone now bouncing on the dance floor at this point, ending his set with his own remix of Piss Test mixed with Oliver Twizt’s remix of Money Making was the absolute perfect way to close the night out.


Be sure to catch A-Trak AND GTA at my Life Every Day USA over Memorial Day weekend at the San Diego Sports Arena!

 my Life Every Day USA