Interview With EDX


We sat down with Grammy nominated, Swiss-Italian talent DJ/Producer, and No Xcuses label boss EDX before he lands at Bang Bang this Saturday, February 2nd.  Grab your tickets here!

1 - Congratulations on your Grammy Nomination for your remix of Charlie Puth this year! Did you expect this nomination or was it a complete surprise?

Thank you! It’s been absolutely incredible to be nominated for a Grammy. It’s always been a dream of mine to receive a nomination, so I’m over the moon. I can’t wait to attend the award shows in a few days in Los Angeles!

2 - Can you tell us the story behind this remix? What inspired you to take the original in this direction?

I got the vocal part sent from Charlie’s management and I instantly knew it would fit perfectly with the EDX signature sound. I went into the studio and everything happened pretty quickly. It’s such an awesome song by Charlie and I’m so thankful I got to put my spin on it.

3 - You have more than two decades working in this industry. What has been the biggest change for you over these years? Do you think that it was easier to get into the scene back then than it is now?

I guess I was one of the founding members of the electronic movement back in Switzerland in the 90s and I can say that the scene is completely different now to how it was then. The market is certainly much bigger now than it was — especially in America — and with the dawn of the internet and social media, everything happens so much more quickly than it used to. I’d say it’s slightly easier to get into the scene now because you have everything you need at your fingertips.

4 - What got you into the world of DJ’ing?

First and foremost, it was my love and passion for music. I would say, second to that, was the curiosity I had with the electronic music scene when it first started. I grew up listening to Hip Hop and surrounded myself with breakdance culture, but when I was first exposed to Acid House in the late 80s it was so different to anything I’d experienced before and I was fascinated by it. I’ve been in love with electronic music ever since.

5 - You have multiple collabs with so a variety of talented artists. What has been your favorite collaboration so far?

Each collaboration is something special. I love the challenge of working with such a diverse selection of amazing artists and each project brings something different and takes you outside of your comfort zone. I really enjoyed the collaboration I did with Kaskade for his album called ‘Don’t Stop Dancing’.

6 - If you could produce a track with any artist (Dead or Alive) who would it be and why?

I was a huge fan of Madonna in the 80s and to be able to do a record with her would be simply amazing. I also love the likes of Michael Jackson, Barry White and Marvin Gaye. There are just too many to choose from!

7 - What has been the biggest moment in your career so far?

There have been so many incredible moments both in the studio and on the road. In 2018 I would have to say my Grammy nomination and the launch of my new live show XIRCUIT.

8 – What type of music do you enjoy listening to when Electronic music isn’t playing?

I love all types of music to be honest. When I’m not listening to electronic music, I really like the chilled, deeper sounds. Nothing too noisy. Just easy listening music really.

9 - What can we expect from EDX this year?

Lots more music, more touring and some amazing XIRCUIT shows all over the world!

10 - With an extensive career playing in several festivals and clubs, do you prefer one more than the other? Are there any gigs stands out the most when you reminisce on them?

I’ve been DJing for more than two decades and I love playing both club shows and big festivals. I really like the intimacy you get in nightclubs — I think you have a connection to the audience that you can't really get at a festival. Having said that, I’ve played some amazing festivals over the years and I would never want to stop performing at these. Summer wouldn’t be the same!

Interview with ARMNHMR

Interview by: Mike Walkusky for LED

How did you guys get into dance music?
Joe Chung: I got into dance music because my family was into music and I liked to dance. I also listened to a lot of music with beats and a lot of hits so it really helped me to get into dance music.
Joe Abella: I got into dance music after going to EDC back when it was at the coliseum in LA. It was my first event and i fell in love with dance music ever since. 
What's it like performing at a big festival like My LED USA?
It’s a body high. Very natural high feeling. It’s surreal to be playing at a festival this big. 
What do you think about the current state of dance music?
Music right now is receptive to the public. It is easy for people to be creative and music is always changing. A lot of producers are having fun being creative, creating new styles of music and music they love.
Joseph, I remember chatting with you in the Facebook group EDM Madness back in the day. What kind of impact did EDM Madness have on your career?
It was essentially my own version of redditt back in the day, I would post our music to even get one or two more fans and attraction from it. Without EDM Madness we (ARMNHMR) wouldn’t be where we are at now . Every piece of the puzzle made it work. Our fan base is heavily in CA and because of EDM Madness we were able to start off our career with a very organic, loving fan base.
Another question for Joseph: What's it like having a sibling who's a musician?
It played a huge role. But as well as my parents too. Like i mentioned earlier, everyone in my family was into music and that really helped me to get to where I am right now. Even all the times my sister sang out loud although it got annoying at times. Ha ha.
Joe Abella, what kind of music do you like listening to in your free time?
Metal, Post hardcore. Some examples are “Drown” by Bring Me The Horizon and “A Moment Suspended in Time” by Underoath.
What has been the biggest moment of your career so far?
 Selling out all of our CA shows and noticing how much support we get from our home state.
What are your plans for the rest of 2018?
We have a lot of projects we are finalizing at the moment. We have two huge collaborations with artists we admire (Adventure Club & Kayzo) slated to be released in the coming months as well as the release of our debut album to be followed up with our first official branded 'tour'. So basically what we're saying is we have a lot more coming for the second half of this year.
Aside from listening to music, what else do you guys like to do on your free time?
Joe Chung: Aside from music, I am very interested in health and fitness. It's been part of my daily life for many, many years now. I workout and watch over my nutrition on a daily basis. When time permits, I enjoy playing soccer and basketball as well.  Your body is your sanctuary - why wouldn't you take care of it!  
Joe Abella: Fornite... #1 VICTORY ROYALE! 
What’s your hidden talent?
Our hidden talents are so hidden that we haven't found it yet ha ha. 
If you were forced to make any other type/genre of music, what would it be and why? 
Maybe not forced, but we would definitely dabble in drum&bass as well as deep house. Reason for this is because we listen to it everyday. It's taxing on our ears to listen to dubstep and big room house for hours on end 
Who are your idols in the scene at this moment? 
No idols at the moment however, artists we look up to for inspiration are Adventure Club, Seven Lions, Lane 8, Yotto. Those are just a few, we can list dozens more but we’ll stop right there.
Name 3 artists you would want to collaborate with:
If it were artists we are not working with already our three would be Seven Lions, Martin Garrix, and Kaskade.   

Interview with Said The Sky

Interview by: Mike Walkusky for LED

Illenium brought you out as a special guest during his Coachella set. What was that like?

It was such an amazing feeling. We've done that show quite a few times by that point, but never to such a large crowd or on such a large platform. I love Nick, Dabin, David, and the rest of the team so much I was so happy I was able to share the experience with them.

Also, we read that this was the first time you had ever attended the festival. What did you think of your first Coachella? 
It was my first Coachella! I had little to no idea what to expect, so was absolutely mind-blown at the sight of each stage and how many people were out there to enjoy some great music.
You have an album coming out later this year. What can fans expect to hear on your album?
I do! Honestly fans can expect to hear a bit of everything. I have some really fun uplifting future bass, some groovy mid-tempo stuff, and even some much chiller/almost acoustic songs. I'm really excited to share my range of passion and abilities in music in the album with everyone, and can only hope everyone understands and enjoys it.
Colorado is home to many of electronic music's most creative and innovative producers. How much has Colorado influenced your music and career?
 I think Colorado has affected me and my music more than I can fully understand. I've made so many amazing connections with some really amazing people out here, and have met my best friends in the world while living here. I have no idea where I would be today if I grew up anywhere else, but I do know that I'm beyond blessed to be where I am today, and I do have Colorado to thank for a lot of that.
Who were your biggest influences when you first started producing music?
My influences were all over the place when I first started making music. I remember back in middle school when a friend of mine started sharing some of his music with me. I started listening to Sasha & Digweed, Darude, 4 Strings... a lot of prog house and trance. I loved how uplifting and beautiful it all was. Shortly after that I found Gemini, which led me to melodic dubstep. I undoubtedly found Seven Lions music and became pretty obsessed. Through all of that time though, I was always in love with and listening to Owl City. Something about how happy his music was, it felt like there was no room for sadness. I couldn't listen to his music and feel anything other than joy. I think that's had a large part to do with the overall feeling I try, or even just naturally seem to put into a lot of my music.

What artist do you want to collaborate with the most?
If I could collaborate with anyone in the world it would be Owl City. His music has always held such a big place in my heart.
What's been the craziest moment of your career so far?
This is a really hard question! There's been so many amazing things that have happened and that I'm thankful for, but I think for me the most eye opening moment  was when I sold out my first hometown show. I remember standing next to the stage with my manager watching Toy Box perform, getting ready in my head, when my agent ran up to us and started shouting "WE SOLD IT OUT, WE SOLD IT OUT". At the time I was so focused on my set that I don't think I really reacted with as much excitement as I should have, but over the next few days it really sunk in. My whole life I've wanted to be a musician, and it was really happening. I am so blessed to be doing what I'm doing.

Out of all the cities that you haven't performed in yet, where do you want to perform the most?
I think I'd have to say anywhere in Hawaii! I've never been, but have heard nothing but amazing things.
What do you think about the current state of electronic dance music?
From what I see, I think dance music is starting to shift into more of an organic place. More people are starting to do live sets, play instruments in their music and during their shows... That makes me really excited coming from an instrumental heavy background.

Interview with Amine Edge & DANCE

Amine Edge & DANCE Interview
Q: When and where did you guys meet?
A: We were introduced by a friend in common at college.
Q: How did growing up in France influence your sound?
A: France didn’t really influence our sound, we are from the internet generation... We could see what was going on and take influences from everywhere.
Q: I know that both of you guys love R&B. In fact, DANCE, I read that R&B is your passion.
How has R&B influenced your sound?
A: RnB doesn’t necessarily influence my sound. Listening to RnB and producing music is two different things. When I produce, I can set aside a certain genre and what I create draws all sorts of influences.
Q: How do crowds in the United States differ from crowds around the world?
A: The crowd is often young and may not know much about the past. For many of them they are born with this EDM influence and it’s like House music has never been in the US and just arrived today for them... But tastes are evolving and the crowds are becoming more educated.
Q: What are the biggest challenges you've faced with your record label CUFF?
A: Selling tracks is always a challenge; also evolving musically is a challenge and sometimes a risk.
Q: What's been the biggest moment of your career so far?
A: It’s hard to say, we don’t often have time to step back and realize things. Playing Ministry of Sound is always super exciting, Coachella, EDC Las Vegas... touring the world, being recognised for industry awards, releasing successful music. So many great moments and we are blessed to have this life.
Q: How do you see the dance music scene evolving over the next few years?
A: Fuck knows... we just create music that make our hearts beat without really knowing where we are going.

Interview with Kastle

Kastle Reflections Album

Interview by Michael Walkusky

We got to catch up with Barrett Richards a.k.a. Kastle before his show in San Diego this Friday. Here what he had to say about influences on his new album, favorite Korean spa in California & favorite producers of the moment:

What was the creative process like for Reflections?

It was just all about letting go and letting my instincts guide me. Through meditation before every studio session, I looked to create a dialogue with my subconscious and to just let that communication become involved in the album writing process.

How does Reflections differ from your past music?

I wouldn’t say it really differs at all in regards to the style. I’ve always been inspired by the same timeless sounds of garage, jungle, footwork, bass music, etc. I’d say what is mostly different is the production values and that the songs are slightly more open to interpretation than some of my past pop-leaning works.

When did you start meditating, and how has meditation influenced your music?

It’s something I’ve been interested in and aware of since high school really. I began studying eastern philosophies and mysticism when I was 16. Taoism was the philosophy that really resonated with me. The inner/mystical depths is no easy area to navigate and at 34 I’m still learning so much more and after all the years more and more dots connect. You just keep peeling back the layers of the veil. You encounter forces within yourself that are not always helpful, but when you overcome them you become more empowered by that energy. I just feel like in the past year I’ve had some significant breakthroughs that have allowed me to be more open about my experience and share it in the form of an album.

What do you enjoy most about running your record label Symbols?

It’s a combination of my love for music, pushing boundaries and helping other artists. It’s great to be a part of something bigger than myself and I hope that we can contribute to culture for the greater good.

Who are your favorite producers at the moment?

I’ve got a pretty diverse rotation on lately with artists like Kid Smpl, Lil Yachty, DVA, Gaika, S4U, Kassel Mosse, my.head, SURVIVE, 2814, Dark0 and Jacques Greene.

Which producers have influenced you the most throughout your career?

Three artists that have had a tremendous impact on me at different stages of my life are Moby, Aphex Twin and Burial.

What have been the most transformational musical experiences of your career?

I’d say launching Symbols in 2012 and putting out my debut album in 2013 were really huge for me. Because I have such an independent drive so it felt incredible taking that step. This new album is another extension of that. Also festival sets at Lightning In A Bottle, Shambhala and Coachella were very transformational for me.

What have been the most transformational cultural experiences from tour?

I’d say just the culmination of touring and the experience of travel. Learning that no matter race, religious affiliation, geographical location, etc, at the end of the day, we are all the same.  Seeing that first hand is crucial, and I wish more people in rural America (where I grew up) had the ability to travel more. There are so many people in America who never have real conversations with people different than them and therein lies the disconnect.

Speaking of cultural experiences, I read in another interview that your manager sent you to a Korean spa after you released Reflections. As someone who married into a Korean family, I've become a big fan of Korean spas. Do you have a favorite spa in Koreatown or OC?

"I Spa" in Irvine! It’s dope, I didn’t want to leave.


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Interview with MSTRKRFT

MSTRKRFT Interview

We had a chance to sit down with Jesse of MSTRKRFT to ask some questions before they make their way to San Diego on their first tour in over five years. Read what he had to say:

Q: Who/what were the biggest influences for OPERATOR?

The gear we decided to use really became a third member of the band on this record.  We decided to sorta take a back seat to the machines and not try to force them to do what we wanted, and instead follow their lead.  It creates a kind of feedback loop while you work.  Sust deciding to do that was the biggest influence on how the record turned out.

MSTRKRFT Operator Spotify Full Album

Q: What was the creative process like for OPERATOR?

We would turn on all the gear, hit record on the computer and then not look at it until we were leaving.  We didn't want to look at a screen or think about making music that way.  We just focused on the gear we had in front of us and tried to forget about things like wether or not the music we were making had a purpose beyond just making us happy.

Q: How do you feel about OPERATOR now that it's finished and released?

We are very happy with it.  It's always good to see your work get released like this.  We started work on the next album as soon as this record was mixed, and having this out feels like a door has opened for us to push things much further.

Q: How do your current live shows differ from the live shows you played after releasing 'The Looks' and 'Fist of God'?

The biggest difference is that we are mostly performing live now, although we still DJ when it makes more sense for the club etc.  In terms of what we are playing when we DJ, I think the feel on operator is expressed there as well.

Q: How has your modular equipment influenced your recorded music and your live shows?

The key for us was not using equipment on the record that we couldn't also travel with and use live.  The modular setups are always evolving to some extent, and have changed many times this year already.  Working this way really makes every show very different, and allows us to really feed off of the room more than ever before.

Q: What are your thoughts on the current state of dance music?

I feel like this is a somewhat impossible question to answer.  It's like asking someone about a city they visited, in that the things they experienced shaped their opinion.  I think dance music is in an incredible place right now, with more creativity and resolve than ever before, but then thats just based on the things I pay attention to and listen to.  I'm sure theres a sea of garbage out there, but if I don't pay attention, for me it doesn't exist.  hope that makes sense.

Q: How has dance music changed since you first released 'The Looks'?

It seems like its gone through a cycle and into a place we had hoped and imagined it would.

Q: Who are your favorite DJs/producers?

Gary Beck, Robert Hood, Phantoms Revenge, Truncate, Surgeon, Len Faki… hard to choose!

Q: Who are your favorite bands?

Right now?  Cult Leader, Naomi Punk… again, very very hard to choose!

Q: What can MSTRKRFT fans expect from you guys over the next few years?

We will keep making music that makes us happy.

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Jauz's Feeding Friendzy Tour Invades LA

When Jauz advertised "very special guests" would be joining him on stage during his much anticipated return to LA this past weekend, nobody could have predicted the who's who of all-star DJs that helped blow the roof off the Fonda Theatre back-to-back nights. Those who were lucky enough to attend both nights were treated to two very different (but equally mind-blowing) lineups and performances.

Thursday night kicked off with opening performances from west coast G-house up-and-comer Ryan Collins, as well as trap heavyweight araabMUZIK - who (as always) impressed with his unrivaled live production skills. This, however, was just the tip of the iceberg.

Once the anthemic intro of 'Welcome to Planet Urf' came over the speakers, the crowd new it was time for the real show to begin. Anticipation quickly turned to gratification, as Jauz hit the stage and wasted now time dropping his signature mix of electrifying bass-house and face-melting dubstep.

Few producers/DJs are as in high demand right now as Jauz (aka Sam Vogel). At just 22 years of age, he's managed to help pioneer the bass-house genre, reinvigorated the dubstep scene, and has garnered the support of some the biggest names in the industry. Aside from obvious hard work, motivation and dedication, much of Jauz's success can be attributed to the unwavering support of his fans, who have affectionately been dubbed the 'sharksquad' - who were out in full force during his two-night takeover of the Fonda.

Aside from popular EDM bangers like Herobust's Smother Shit, and Jauz's own remix of Knife Party's PLUR Police, he also displayed his range and paid homage to some of the music that influenced him growing up, by mixing in System of a Down's B.Y.O.B., Linkin Park's In The End, as well as the Drezo remix of Drowning Pool's Bodies.

It was soon time to introduce his first very special guest of the night, his mother Lisa, which resulted in a collective "Awwwwww" from the crowd. In a facebook post, Jauz went on to say, "I owe so much to her and her unconditional support. She has always been my rock and my biggest supporter and I couldn't be more happy that she came out to watch me this weekend."

Jauz then introduced his next special guest; none other than happy-trap pioneer Marshmello who joined Jauz b2b. Fans were treated to an extended set by the masked DJ, whose self-imposed anonymity combined with his one-of-a-kind sound of flowing neon melodies, booming 808’s and pitched and modulated vocals has helped fuel his (as well as the genre's) meteoric rise.

Jauz Marshmello The Friendzy Tour

Many were hoping Mello would make an appearance, as Jauz as always been a huge proponent of his music, and those folks were not disappointed. Even better, he didn't just hop on the mixers for a couple of tracks, but instead treated the crowd to a mini Mello concert, which included newer cuts like Flash Funk, his remix of Adelle's Hello, and the Jauz x Marshmello collab remix of Duke Dumont's Need U (100%).

If the show would have ended at this point, anyone would have chalked this show up to one of the best in recent memory. However, Jauz wasn't done, nor were his special guest. Just when you thought things couldn't get any better, Borgore, Getter, Snails and Ookay hit the stage for a set that had dubstep enthusiasts simultaneously dancing and drooling. By the end of the night, it was evident by the look on the crowds face that they knew they'd just witnessed something truly special.

While some might have thought that Friday night would be a letdown compared to Thursday's superstar lineup, it was soon clear how dead wrong that speculation was.

Alvin Risk got the crowd warmed up, and was followed by the first surprise guest of the evening, Waka Flocka Flame. Joined by DJ Whoo Kid, Waka Flocka drew an eruption from everyone at the venue with his fiery brand of trap. With a start to the night like that, it was clear that the crowd was in for another legendary night.

When Jauz finally hit the stage, his sharksquad made their presence known. Those in attendance night one that thought they'd hear a lot of the same tracks were treated to a very different set than night one.

After blessing the audience with the classics as well as some deep cuts, Jauz announced his next special guest of the night; OG Kill The Noise. The on stage combination of one of the innovators of dubstep, along with one of the genres newest superstars was something incredible to see (and hear, of course).

The end of the night was again the pinnacle of the evening, as Marshmello, Ookay and Getter returned. However, this time, they were joined none other than global icons Skrillex and Diplo (Jack Ü). The energy of the crowd went from already unmeasurable to straight-up earth-shattering. The addition of What So Not, Aryay, Dirtyphonics, and LED's own TJR accounted for one of the most memorable b2b sets of all-time, and turned the Fonda into perhaps one of the largest EDM parties the city of LA has ever experienced.

Perhaps even better than knowing that those in attendance were truly having the time of their lives, was the fact that the talent on stage was having just as an amazing experience. It's refreshing to see that no matter how globally successful all of the aforementioned artists have become, they still do what they do night in and night out to put a smile on the collective faces of their fans.

At this point, Jauz withdrawl has set in, and the sharksquad is eagerly awaiting their next chance to see this incredible performer, and whatever special guests he has in store for us next time.

Jauz Marshmello Fonda Theatre LED presents

Zeds Dead Take the Fonda in Epic 2 Night Stand

Hooks and DC (or Zeds Dead with their powers combined) brought their multifaceted sound of low-end wubs, head-nodding hip hop and energizing electro house to the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles this past weekend for an unforgettable Two Night Stand event which also included sets from Aryay, Astronomer, and a very special appearance from Mr. Sonny Moore (Skrillex, guys).

The Fonda proved to be the perfect setting for the Canadian duo’s return to LA, and the crowd couldn’t have been more ready. Notorious for their deep, oftentimes dark and heavy style, Zeds Dead certainly didn't disappoint - curating a genre-spanning mix that included ZD staples like Adrenaline, Hudouken, Wit Me Dub and Collapse; as well as brand new material from their upcoming album that left the ID heads in the crowd reeling.

Those who have been fortunate to catch Zeds Dead live know that few acts can match the eclectic nature or emotional intensity of a ZD show - and those who attended Friday or Saturday night’s performance received the customary faceful of bass and heartful of feels that fans have come to expect from the dynamic duo.

From the initial drop to the very last fadeout, ZD kept the crowd in a perpetual state of bliss by incorporating unexpected gems into their carefully crafted set list. In typical Zeds Dead fashion, the guys came out of the gates with subs blasting, as if to thank all the loyal OG ZD devotees in the house, and let new fans know that they had, in fact, come to the right place.

What can only be described has a lightning quick descent from heaven to hell, ZD’s seamless transition from the Marshemello remix of Avicii’s ‘Waiting for Love’ to ‘Wit Me Dub,’ their collab with Megalodon, was without a doubt one of the more memorable drops of the evening.

Staying true to their hip hop roots, the crowd was also treated to a ZD flip of 'Hip Hop' by Dead Presidents, the track that had everyone’s trunks rattling at one point or another.

One thing that became very apparent throughout the course of their weekend performance is the true love and respect that ZD has for the music and their fans. While it seems other DJ/Producers get behind the mixers and blindly blaze through their cookie-cutter set, it’s clear that Hooks and DC strive for (and achieve) so much more, by encouraging the crown to hug the person next to you as Skream’s remix of ‘Going in for the Kill’ came over the speakers.

The end of the night saw a nostalgic trap flip of ‘Better off Alone,’ which may or may not have brought a tear to our eye.

With a new album on the horizon, we’re excited at the prospects of seeing a lot more of Zeds Dead in 2016.

Tramps Like Us 2015 Recap

On September 25th, the Valley View Casino Center underwent its quarterly transformation into the LED Dome as dance music fans invaded the arena to experience Tramps Like Us. The stacked lineup coupled with the amazing atmosphere led to an unforgettable night for attendees.

Everyone who showed up early to the LED Dome was greeted by a huge opening set by UFO.

Wax Motif took the stage after UFO and kept the crowd hyped with his blend of future bass and g-house. If you missed his set, you can catch him at CRSSD Fest on October 10th.

heRobust came on after Wax Motif and had everyone in the crowd throwing up their trap arms.

Branchez kept the trap vibe going, but he elected to scale it back a bit from heRobust's crazy, drop-filled set. The change in sound was welcomed by the crowd, as everyone's arms seemed to be tired after throwing them up during the previous set.

Kryder took the stage next and laid down an enjoyable house set before the three co-headliners—Martin Solveig, 3LAU, and Adventure Club—took the stage.

Martin Solveig strayed from his pop sound as a producer and showed that he can drop some massive festival tunes as a DJ. If you want to relive Solveig's set, you're in luck. One brave soul recorded the entire set, which you can watch below.

3LAU followed up Solveig with a set full of feel-good, singalong tracks. He dropped ZAXX's remix of Alice Deejay's classic, "Better Off Alone," as well as his own edits of Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Otherside" and Paris & Simo's remix of Zombie by Kernkraft 400. However, the 3LAU edit that received the most love from the crowd was his mashup of Galantis' "U & I" and his own single, "How You Love Me."

Adventure Club didn't hit the stage until 2:15am, but their infectious energy managed to whip the crowd into a frenzy. Their set was stuffed with hits, and one of their songs stood out as the most memorable moment of the night for me. As a 25-year-old working in the corporate world, Adventure Club's remix of "Youth" struck a chord. With the night winding down and my group of friends trying to squeeze out every last bit of fun from the event, I belted out the lyrics of "Youth." I loved the remix when it first came out, but I didn't truly relate to it until I heard Adventure Club drop it at Tramps Like Us.

Brillz closed out the night with his signature twonk sound. The fans who were still at the LED Dome went crazy. They clearly wanted to savor every last minute of Tramps Like Us before they had to head home. The last tramps standing ensured that this was an experience they would never forget.

KSHMR Debuts at the Fonda Theater

KSHMR fans have been patiently waiting to catch a glimpse of the mysterious producer/DJ (formerly of The Cataracs) in action since his debut in 2014. Just as excitement and anticipation seemed to be reaching near intolerable levels, big room and progressive house enthusiasts rejoiced as KSHMR’s first ever live performance took place in Hollywood over the weekend.

Although he’s been a staple on the Beatport charts since exploding onto the dance scene over a year ago, KSHMR has chosen to spend his time in the studio finetuning his craft, instead of on stage. That all changed as the “Burn” producer prepared to stepped out in front of a packed house at the Fonda Theater this past Saturday.

Those familiar with the genre know that progressive house is all about energy. With that said, few producers take you from zero to sixty as fast or as hard as KSHMR. In true big room fashion, his tracks are powered by core-cutting kicks that propel you through a reverb soaked melody. However, this isn’t some uninspired, cookie-cutter house. Instead, the style that KSHMR is able to achieve is unequivocally his own, and resembles what you might imagine a Hans Zimmer movie score to sound like if he had grown up a raving millennial.

Before it was time for KSHMR to anoint us with the sweet nectar of the house gods, we would first be treated to performances by trap heavyweight Yogi, and fellow big room behemoths Bassjackers. The tone of the night was set as soon as Yogi got the bass booming by dropping his unmistakable brand of dark trill-hop. Faces lit up and eyes widened as the crowd was picking up what Yogi was putting down, and visa versa.

Once the time came for Bassjackers to take the stage, the energy was high and smiles were widespread - both of which increased exponentially once Bassjackers began to deliver their electronic gospel to an audience that was all ears. In fact, I was beginning to wonder if KSHMR would be able to whip the crowd into a bigger frenzy than they already were in.

He certainly didn’t disappoint, as his unforgiving, anthemic production style translated well to the stage. Syths soared as KSHMR took the audience on a fast-paced, hard-hitting musical journey of epic proportions. As hit after hit blasted through the speakers, the energy of the crowd grew palpable, and before long the Fonda had transformed into a scene straight out of Sahara Tent. Fans were treated to familiar favorites like “Karate”, “Megalodon” and “Secrets,” as well as new tracks and deeper cuts that undoubtedly left some scouring the internet for a setlist.

The vibe was electric from start to finish, as what started as a group of strangers at a show turned into a family of friends who had just experienced one for the ages.

The San Diego Mad Decent Block Party Returns

San Diego Mad Decent Block Party

As Mad Decent Block Party rolls into San Diego this weekend, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better way to send-off the summer than hanging with Diplo, Dillon Francis, Jauz, and the thousands of others in attendance this Sunday at the sold out Park at the Park. Highlighted byMajor Lazer and curated by Mad Decent, this weekend’s event marks the first of five remaining shows on the Block Party’s tour of the US and Canada, which began earlier this summer in Atlanta.

With seven acts performing, including tropical house pioneer Thomas Jack, drum & bass heavyweight Netsky, and trap lords Travis Scott, DJ 4B and Metro Boomin - the lineup represents a wide range of edm sub-genres and features talented up-and-comers alongside some of the biggest names in the industry. If you were lucky enough to snag a ticket before they sold out, you’re undoubtedly in for a treat.

Those who’ve seen Major Lazer and Dillon Francis perform in the past know that few acts are able to bust-out such such eclectic sets, or draw such diverse crowds as the aforementioned big guns. Moombathon fans rejoice, as Dillon and Diplo will be sure to spin their fair share - along with the rest of their hybrid trap/dubstep/electro-house anthems. These guys always whip the crowd up into a frenzy, and put on great shows. They really love what they’re doing up on stage, and it shows - subsequently creating a comfortability and cohesion among that crowd that really adds to the spirit of the show.

Jauz’s Sharksquad will be in attendance, looking to ‘squad-out- to his unique brand of future-dub house that never fails to get everyone's feet moving in the crowd. Jauz as been getting a lot of attention lately, and he, as well as his distinctive sound, are blowing up fast. Who knows, he may even be headlining this event come this time next year. Until then, you certainly don’t want to miss the chance to see him in action this time around. Get ready to wub wub wub.

Thomas Jack is no stranger to a party, and his innovative style of trop-house always projects great feels to the crowd. If you don’t know who Thomas Jack is, or have never really listened to his stuff, this will be a great chance to familiarize yourself and become a fan. I don’t know anyone who’s ever walked away from a TJ show without a smile.

Changing gears from second to third, there’s no doubt that Netsky will get your blood pumping, as his arsenal of fast-paced, melodic kickers are something that is best experienced live. DnB can be a tough sell for some people, but Netsky is a great ambassador for the genre, and proves that it's not always quite what people expect.

They'll certainly be no shortage of earth shaking 808s when Travis Scott, DJ 4B and Metro Boomin hit the stage. Trap queens throughout the audience will be dropping their kitties down low to some of the biggest sub-blasting, synth-reverbing tracks in the genre, as these three mix it up.

Summer may be coming to a close, but there’s no reason the party has to stop. Except the party is stopping - in San Diego this Sunday.

See you at the rave!

Skrillex Taking Over San Diego During Labor Day Weekend

Skrillex LED Day Club 2015

Are you looking to have some fun in San Diego during Labor Day Weekend? Well, circle September 6th on your calendar because Skrillex is coming to town, and he's taking over San Diego. The international superstar will be playing two San Diego shows in one day. During the early evening, he will be headlining a show at the Quartyard. LED DJ Klatch, budding techno star Rezz, and OWSLA's Mija are opening for Skrillex at the Quartyard. Once the sun goes down, Skrillex will head across downtown to play a nighttime set at Parq Nightclub.

Skrillex recently became a mainstay on the radio due to his hit song, "Where Are U Now," as a part of his superduo Jack U with Diplo. Of course, Justin Bieber's name recognition and flute-like vocals went a long way in popularizing the song. However, it's Skrillex's ear-rattling brand of dubstep—often referred to as American dubstep or brostep—that first propelled him to dance music stardom in 2010. His songs served as an introduction to electronic music for many of today's most fervent dance music fans. He could have easily remained content as a dubstep superstar, but Skrillex's passion for pushing the boundaries of dance music as OWSLA's founder coupled with his undying desire to develop as a producer helped him transform into one of dance music's most respected tastemakers.

Mija has been a clear beneficiary of Skrillex's search for the most talented producers. Last year, she was tirelessly working to gain recognition in the Arizona club scene when she made the trek to play a set at Bonnaroo in Tennessee. However, she wasn't scheduled to play at one of the festival's massive stages. She was scheduled to play a small set in the Bonnaroo campsite at the Burning Man Art Car at 5:45am. When 5:45am came around, Skrillex randomly rolled up to the art car after finding out that Bonnaroo's silent disco had already closed. Mija asked Skrillex if he wanted to go b2b, and he indulged her. Their set was uploaded to NEST HQ's SoundCloud, and an article about the situation went viral. Within hours of's article, Mija's Facebook went from a few hundred followers to a few thousand. The viral article helped show off Mija's transcendent talent, resulting in a meteoric rise to stardom for the Arizona native.

Skrillex's open-mindedness about music is one of his most impressive qualities. For example, take a look at the musicians he booked to open for him during his Takeovers last year: A$AP Rocky, Seven Lions, Jack Beats, Alvin Risk, Louisahhh!!!, Craze, UZ, David Heartbreak, Etnik, Samo Sound Boy, GTA, Just Blaze, Lunice, Shift K3Y, AC Slater, Bro Safari, Clockwork, and TOKiMONSTA. That list includes trap, hip hop, techno, progressive house, dubstep, and more. Skrillex appreciates all types of music, which isn't a very big surprise considering his transformation from the vocalist of a hardcore band into an electronic music star.

His love for all music is evidenced by the DJs opening up for him at The Quartyard. In addition to Mija, Rezz and Klatch will be spinning opening sets. Rezz has recently taken the blogosphere by storm with her grimy, industrial techno sound. She has been described as the "female Gesaffelstein." That is a gross oversimplification, but it helps you gain an idea of her sound. Rezz will be a household name in techno circles by 2016.

Klatch used to be an LED DJ as one-half of Deth Hertz. He has fine-tuned his sound and developed into a talented producer of sultry deep house. His set will be the perfect way to kick off the show at The Quartyard as the sun still sits high above in San Diego's blue sky.

You don't want to miss out on Skrillex's shows at The Quartyard and Parq. They are the perfect way to spend your Labor Day Weekend.

Buy tickets to Skrillex's day party at Quartyard: Click here
Buy tickets to Skrillex's nighttime show at Parq: Click here

Treasure Fingers Releases Mix for Splash House

Splash House's first weekend is right around the corner, and we can't wait to party underneath the Palm Springs sun. To help get you in the mood for the festival, Treasure Fingers has put together an exclusive mix chock-full of massive summertime tunes. Treasure Fingers moves from track to track quickly in this 30-minute, 15-track mix, but he's somehow able to ensure that each track stands out during its short amount of playtime.

Treasure Fingers kicks off the mix with "Piano Hand," Chris Lake and Chris Lorenzo's new track. "Piano Hand" features Lorenzo's signature jackin' house sound, which provides a perfect soundscape for a pool party. Treasure Fingers then seamlessly transitions into Adamwah's "In My Soul," followed my Kreap's recent mix of DJ Sneak's rolling house track "Funky Rhythm."

Rektchordz' "Roar" injects a bit more ominous sound into the mix while still keeping the upbeat mood pulsating forward. Jeremih's chopped up vocals appear next as part of Go Freek's remix of Crookers' "I Just Can't." Go Freek's distinctive gutter tech style is a welcome addition, adding some crunchiness to the tracklist. Treasure Fingers then cleans it up a bit by bringing in Freya's angelic vocals on Helsloot's "Rain," followed by Nicky Night Time's huge garage tune "Gonna Get Better." On the eighth track in the mix, Chris Lake makes his second appearance--this time via his and Rrotik's remix of "Real Joy" by Fono.

Splash House Tickets Packages 2015

Treasure Fingers brings the funk with J Paul Getto's "Yeah Chicago Hustle (DJ Tool)" next. J Paul Getto's innovative 'DJ Tools' blend different songs together to create a cohesive track that DJs can play out in their mixes. The DJ Tool in this mix features "Yeah (Jaceo Remix)" by David Glass, "Bringing The Funk" by CZR & Alex Peace, and "Salsoul Hustle" by The Salsoul Orchestra--a famous soul and disco band in the late 1970s and early 1980s. After an unknown track, Treasure Fingers drops Phantom's Revenge's "Club Rotation 99." The groovy tune is an homage to a German music show in the 1990s called "Club Rotation."

About 25 minutes into the mix, we finally get a taste of some Treasure Fingers music. First, he drops his brand-new, funky remix of Mr. Gonzo's "Got This Feeling." Next, he mixes in his 2008 classic "Cross The Dancefloor," but it's Mad Villains' self-described "ghetto spin" on the track. Mad Villains' revival of "Cross The Dancefloor" is stunning, and it's a great way to introduce the classic tune to new dance music fans.

The 14th track in the mix is an ID, but you might have it stuck in your head after listening to it. The sentence "I'm in your house, drinking all your Kool-Aid" is constantly repeated throughout the track, and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it for the past few days.

During the last minute of the mix, Treasure Fingers seals it up with a bow by dropping his club mix of "Moving On."

If you feel like you can't wait 10 days for the start of Spring Splash, just put this flawless mix on repeat, close your eyes, and envision yourself dancing in a pool with your closest friends. It will help make the wait much more bearable.

Follow Mike Walkusky on Twitter.

Treasure Fingers Splash House Mix Tracklist 2015


LED OMFG! SD 2015 Recap

LED rang in 2015 in a big way. OMFG! SD was expanded to a three-day event, taking place December 29-31 at the Valley View Casino Center in San Diego. On top of that, a second stage—"The Zoo"—was added to the massive event. The lineup was packed with some of dance music's biggest names, including Tiesto, Eric Prydz, Hardwell, Madeon, Flosstradamus, and Deorro. But before we dig into the headlining acts, we have to address some of the up-and-coming producers/DJs who threw down mind-blowing sets at OMFG! SD.

What So Not absolutely blew up in 2014. Emoh Instead and Flume comprise the duo, but Emoh typically tours on his own under the What So Not name. His set on the first day of OMFG! SD injected the crowd with endless energy.

DJ Sliink and Trippy Turtle brought Jersey Club to The Zoo on consecutive days. The King of Jersey Club, DJ Sliink, was the bed-squeak purveyor on Day 1, and he did not disappoint. The next day, Trippy Turtle—arguably the most popular Jersey Club producer—almost shut The Zoo down. People began lining up to get into The Zoo 25 minutes before Trippy Turtle's set started. Some people were forced to wait in line for 30+ minutes by security due to safety reasons. However, the wait was well worth it. Trippy Turtle had the crowd dancing from start to finish, as he played his own hits interspersed with some awesome remixes. The crowd sang along when he played a remix of Ginuwine's "Pony," and I personally enjoyed when he played some Craig David.

Bixel Boys#FREELIFE jersey adorned countless OMFG! SD attendees all three days of the event. The jersey's success has helped increase the profile of the LA-based duo. The Bixel Boys played an early set on New Year's Eve, but they still managed to whip the crowd into a frenzy with their "big room underground" tunes. After their set at OMFG! SD, Rob May and Ian MacPherson rushed to their headlining set at Bang Bang in Downtown San Diego to ring in 2015.

The LED DJs were well represented at OMFG! SD. TJR, Brazzabelle, SNBRN, Klatch, and Deth Hertz all played crowd-pleasing sets. Just a few years ago, these LED DJs were playing opening sets at Voyeur. Now, some of them are traveling across the country (or world in TJR's case) to play their own headlining shows.

The headliners for Day 1 and 2, Hardwell and Tiesto, played solid sets for the big room house music fans. Flosstradamus might have had the most energetic set at OMFG! SD, which peaked when they played their hit track "Mosh Pit." The floor opened up during the song, and attendees flung themselves against each other in a display of youthful exuberance.

On the last day of OMFG! SD, GTA played during the countdown to 2015.

Although the countdown was a huge deal, OMFG! SD was far from over. Gareth Emery and Henry Fong followed GTA with fun sets, leading into Deorro. The Melbourne Bounce producer previously announced that he was retiring from touring after 2014, and the anticipation for his set was palpable. The crowd was starting to lose its energy following the countdown, but as soon as Deorro jumped on stage at 2am, everyone went nuts.

Eric Prydz closed out the night with an awesome set. With his progressive house style, it can be difficult to fully immerse yourself in the Prydz experience during a shorter set. However, he made effective adjustments and delivered a hypnotizing set to the attendees who were able to last past 4am.

If you're having withdrawals following OMFG! SD, don't worry: LED Anniversary will be taking place at the Valley View Casino Center on February 15th!

OMFG! NYE San Diego DJ Competition

LED’s OMFG! NYE SD is the biggest New Years Eve event in Southern California. Featuring headlining acts Hardwell, Tiesto, Eric Prydz,Deorro, Flosstradamus, Madeon, and many more, this is one zonkey show you’re going to want to get in on.

 OMFG! NYE San Diego 2014

Every notable on any lineup got their start somewhere. Sometimes that start is the opportunity to play a set in front of the right eyes and ears. And this NYE, LED is giving you the chance to play a set in “THE ZOO” at this year’s OMFG! SD.

This is more than just a DJ set. This is the opportunity to play to a hyped crowd, show off your latest tracks and mixing skills, hang backstage, and throw something awesome on your resume. Get to mixing and sharing and good luck!

For more info head here.

Congrats to our winners!

Runners Up

Honorable Mention

Top 3 Winners

- 30 minute opening (Day TBD)

- 2 AA three day passes

- 2 GA passes to their night for guests

Runners Up

- 1 GA ticket to night of their choice

Honorable Mention

- LED t-shirt

Interview with Uberjak'd


Q. In a past interview, you stated that Deorro is your favorite producer. What do you enjoy about Deorro's tracks?

A. Deorro is absolutely smashing it right now!, the move to take a step back from djing is a controversial one, a lot of people might not understand it, touring can be really straining not only on your personal life but as yours as an artist, i know that as this year has been a busy one touring wise, on my third tour of the USA right now, finding the time to write music can be challenging, a lot of really busy touring guys aren’t as active as producing their music, using ghost producers and stuff which is another thing a lot of people are talking about right now, i know deorro, as i do produce all our own music so having that time to really get into a creative space in your studio for a period of time is only going to be a good thing for the fans as its going to mean more new music!

Q. Deorro helped Melbourne Bounce evolve by adding Dutch-style leads in his tracks. Who else has been instrumental in Melbourne Bounce's evolution?

A. I think there has been a lot of guys pushing this sound which is great, i think a couple guys that don’t get as much credit as they deserve are the Orkestrated boys from melbourne, they really were the ones to make it a thing in its early days in melbourne and if it wasn’t for them maybe all this sound wouldn’t be where it is right now! i think 2015 is going to be a big year for melbourne bounce with so may australian artists coming out with amazing music and its also interesting to see how many international artists are adopting the sound, I mean Calvin had a bounce track on his latest album, thats crazy when you think where bounce was say 2 years ago.

Q. How do you see Melbourne Bounce evolving over the next few years?

A. Like any dance music its all about evolution, i think the “big room bounce” is really taking off, id like to see the deeper stuff with its more minimal/psytrance roots get a spot in the limelight as well.

Q. How does it feel to be one of the stars of Melbourne Bounce during its international growth and acceptance as a sub genre?

A. It's really humbling to be a part of something thats so big, but i guess thats because i love the sound so much, i remember hearing my first melbourne track, and from that moment on i was hooked.

Q. You said in another interview that you've been working on some deeper 122 BPM stuff as well as some trap. How much time have you put into producing music that isn't Melbourne Bounce? Also, do you plan on releasing these tracks under an alias in the future?

A. I think as an artist its important to keep your mind open to new possibilities, like infusing the sounds of other genres into yours, i think as Uberjak'd its all about club music, music I will play in my sets, weather i release some of this other stuff under another alias, i guess thats something we will find out in the future!

Q. What are the biggest trends in Australian music right now?

A. Australia I feel has always been a real trend setter when it comes to dance music, bounce is obviously really big, it has really had the radio cross over which hasn’t yet happened in the USA, but i think that isn’t far away. not that that is important in terms of the club scene but more exposure for the sound is always a good thing.

Q. What are the most notable differences between American and Australian crowds?

A. TBH not that much hahah, we all like to party thats why i think we get along so well! obviously the 21 drinking age is one difference, i remember playing this show in phoenix where ones side of the club was 18-21 then 21 and older on the other, both split by this fence, it was really weird at first but it showed one of the big differences in the 2 scenes.

Q. When you're not listening to Melbourne Bounce, what kind of music do you enjoy listening to?

A. I’m actually listening to Knife Party's new album right now, its really good!

Q. You've worn Bixel Boys' #FREELIFE jersey at some of your shows. How did you become friends with Bixel Boys, and what do you think of their jersey?

A. Yeah its great, i think its a really top thing to donate to charity the money from those jerseys, I actually met them at the Palm Springs gig last tour [Splash House], really nice guys!

Uberjak'd Fluxx San Diego LED presents

Q. What was it like playing at LED's Splash House in Palm Springs?

A. Splash House was awesome, it was actually so crazy that there were so many of us Ozzies there—Motez, Wax Motif, Aston Shuffle! It was like an Ozzie take over!

Uberjak'd Splash House Palm Springs LED presents

Don't miss out on Uberjak'd at Sound Nightclub in Hollywood THIS Saturday, November 15th!


Tramps Like Us Interview with Pegboard Nerds

Pegboard Nerds Tramps Like Us Interview 2014

After years of experimenting and cultivating knowledge in the vast sub-genres of EDM including Trance, House, and Techno; Alexander Odden from Norway, and Michael Parsberg hailing from Denmark have joined forces to create DJ duo force known as “Pegboard Nerds”. Known for their up-tempo, genre-bending hit tracks, Pegboard Nerds have been an international force to be reckoned with ever since their first signing with Monstercat label. A number of established names have realizes the duo’s potential early on. Krewella’s releases of the duo’s remixed tracks, along with Knife Party’s hand selection for support from the duo in tour come to mind of the early stardom that would be coming Pegboard Nerds’ way. Newly surfaced hit track “BADBOI”, which endorses a Trap style should be every indication of the duo’s creative span that ranges now from Electro House to Glitchpop and Dubstep. Already an established name in many sub-genres, fully expect only bigger and better things to come from the future of Pegboard Nerds. 
Q. Many would consider you guys to genre-bending, with many of your tracks containing elements from hardstyle to dubstep. Can you guys explain the creative process you undergo to create tracks and decide which style elements you like to put in?
A. All our track start with an initial idea and usually ends up somewhere else. We never start out with one particular style in mind. We love all styles of music and like to incorporate whatever we feel fits the song best.

Q. You guys said that you were ghost producers before officially teaming up to become “Pegboard Nerds”, can you tell us about the transition phase whether it was smooth or rocky, to becoming the actual renowned producers we know you as today?
A. It was smooth actually, because when we decided to skip our past and concentrate on Pegboard Nerds, we already had tons of tracks and ideas. We just wanted to focus on what we personally felt for and would like to play ourselves as dj´s.

Q: Of all of the groundbreaking tracks you two have produced, which one has left you guys the most rewarded or prideful upon completion, and why?
A: Thats a tough one. We love all our tracks. HERO was probably the track we spend most time and effort producing. We were anxious if our fans would hate us for doing such a weird combination of styles. 

Q: If you guys could collaborate with any producer who would it be and why?
A: Skrillex and/or Knife Party 

Q: A couple months we had the pleasure of having you host a set at our San Francisco show, Finger Lickin' Fort Mason, how did you guys feel about that experience altogether?
A: Awesome, we are honored to play at Tramps Like Us.

Q: Ever since you guys joined Monstercat, you’ve had a foothold on an international audience rather than just in Scandanavia, to what can you guys attribute for your successes?
A: Stamina and a good management team. And of course Monstercat.

Q: During the process of trying to make a name for yourselves as producers in your early career, who did you guys look up to for inspiration or motivation?
A: So so many. Dr.Dre , Sven Väth, Torsten Fenslau and most of the 90´s eurodance producers 

Q: Of all the festivals and club venues you guys have performed in, is there a particular memorable experience that stands out from the rest?
A: Red Rocks, that was an amazing experience.

Porter Robinson's new album Worlds

Porter Robinson Worlds Album

Porter Robinson’s "Worlds", one of the most anticipated EDM album releases of 2014, has finally been dropped, and it delivers on a promise to provide the listener with an experience unlike any other past work by Porter. It is a true window into the mind of one of today’s most groundbreaking DJs of the scene. Unlike breakout album, “Spitfire”, a series of Electro House tracks Porter said he produced to please the masses and gain traction, the 22-year old DJ says that “Worlds" represents the kind of music he had always wanted to produce; one that he feels truly expresses his soul and passion for electronic music. The album as a whole, which is closer to 2012’s single track “Language” rather than his debut album, meshes a combination of slower tempos, dreamy textures, and Passion Pit-esque melodic deliveries often with a dance anthem base. The album is more than just a series of experimental tracks, it is the manifestation of the soundtrack of Porter’s young life and childhood growing up; one that used to be unabashedly filled with video game & anime culture. It’s an experience shared not only by the 22-year old producer, but also by the fans who share the same generation as him and lived out similar experiences. “Worlds” ability to tie the listener with the producer through this nostalgia is what makes it more than just a album, but an emotional experience that truly touches the hearts of those who can understand it. 

Tramps Like Us Interview with Cole Plante

Cole Plante Tramps Like Us San Diego 2014
To say that Cole Plante is one of the next young bright stars for the future of EDM would be an understatement. The 17 year-old producer and DJ, a native of Los Angeles, already boasts a resume most people could only dream of having. He’s already played with some of the biggest names in the league such as: Porter Robinson, Avicii, and Steve Angello. He was performing at Lollapalooza at 16 years old, the youngest DJ ever to grace the renowed music festival in Chicago. The following summer “Lie To Me” was released, and a short time later was crowned the #1 spot on the Billboard Dance Charts. Since then, Cole Plante has released another hit track “If I Fall”, with Myon & Shane 54, and has continued as producer to create in other realms outside of EDM. Cole has already collaborated with composers such as Alex Wurman, and Joe Trapanese on TV, film, and video game projects. The sky is the limit for the young producer, and we can only guess at what his seemingly unbounded potential takes him next. 
Q: You’ve grown up surrounded by musically inclined family and friends, who was your biggest influencer to help establish what you consider your signature sound?
A: 80s synth pop hands down as a whole is my biggest influence. 
Q: As a youngster in high school, you were involved in a range of extracurriculars such as band, track and field, on top of a load of honors classes. How have these activities in the past influence you today or for your future career path?
A: This being my senior year is really incredible. I love every minute of being in high school and balancing it with my career. Both marching band and track have taught me discipline and the ability to stay focused.
Q: Of all the venues and clubs you’ve played for in the past, which set was the most memorable for you and why?
A: I would have to say Lollapalooza because all my musical influences from New Order, The Killers, Two Door Cinema Club, Skrillex, Dillon Francis, Diplo and Steve Angello among others, were there that weekend. These are all artists/bands I admire and respect musically, and it was the largest crowd I played for (20K). Also, last' year's OMFG! NYE was unforgettable from production to artists and it was extra special because it was my first NYE event & I have LED to thank for that. San Diego fans have also been hugely supportive ever since my first event there a couple years ago during the IDentity Festival tour and it's one of my favorite cities to visit & play. 

Q: You’ve explored several musical genres and instruments including piano, the trombone, and the presence of ‘80s and ‘90s synth pop. Which of these, or combination thereof would you say influenced your style the most today?
A: It's a combination of everything really. I'm always pulling from classical instruments and electronic as well. I try to incorporate influences from everything such as soundtracks and movie scores, rock bands and electronic artists. I'm a strong believer that the best music grabs influences from many different things and that's how it is for my music.
Q: You say that one day you would like to be a composer, while still DJing. Did you always have this vision of yourself as a composer? Or did it grow on you during your path, and if so, how?
A: My interest in film composing started ever since joining orchestra class in 7th grade. Through the many different projects (via Disney), this led to collaborating with film composers Joe Trapanese, Alex Wurman, and John Swihart. That pretty much sealed the deal on my decision to continue to work within the film composing community & I'm currently working on a new exciting film project that will be released in the coming months. 
Q: You’ve released two singles from Disney’s Hollywood Records label last year, how do you feel working with them and your together plan to further your career path? 
A: It's been amazing. The company as a whole are connected to many different facets that I love such as film, TV & the gaming world. They've allowed total freedom in my musical creativity and have been fully supportive of all my projects even outside of the company. They've also helped me set-up my own label imprint Teknicole which has been a dream of mine following the footsteps of my peers Skrillex, Axwell & Avicii who've all collaborated with Disney. 
Q: Your collaboration with Myon & Shane 54, titled ‘If I Fall’, has been a huge hit. Do you have any more plans to work with the dance maestros again in the future?

A: It was our 2nd collaboration following "Lie To Me" and it's been amazing playing top clubs / festivals across the U.S. & with them covering overseas. Seeing the crowd sing our song and going off during the drops, you can't ask for anything more. Also, fans posting pics of radio stations playing our music is surreal as well! We're both concentrating on our own singles / album at the moment so hopefully our schedules allow it in the coming future!

Tramps Like Us 2014 Line-Up

Don't miss Cole Plante at Tramps Like Us over Labor Day weekend!


Ace Of Base - All She Wants (SNBRN & KLATCH remix)

SNBRN & KLATCH’s remix of ‘All She Wants’ by Ace Of Base, is sure to extend summertime optimism to anyone looking for a new seasonal anthem. The track mashes a deep summer beat with a driving baseline. A whistle chord emblematic of summertime relaxation is interwoven into the track as it progresses, finalizing the summer flavor to the song.

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SNBRN Soundcloud