Bare at Fluxx
Thu 04/10

Bare at Fluxx

Fluxx Nightclub - SD

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Turns out you can teach an old BARE, new tricks. Sean Rodela also known as ‘BARE’, hails from East LA and was raised in Los Angeles’ historic rave scene. Sean was one of the lucky few that made it from growing up on the wrong side of the tracks, as he began to express himself, playing in bands and hip-hop groups until he found his one love, Electronic Music. He came to the realization that he just wanted to make people dance.

Grinding back from the bottom, BARE’s sets have become extreme, mind blowing rollercoaster rides as he takes his audience on a journey through original “BARE EDITS”, and his dynamic DJ-ing skills. Sean is receiving more world wide attention as his new explosive “BARE TRACKS” have bass lines and drops like no other producer in the game and without a fail gets an entire crowd raved up! His new mating sound is a fusion of Dutch house, Progressive house, “BARE TRAP, BARE BASS” and the rapidly growing Big Room Bass sound that fills speakers all over the world.

Bare at Fluxx
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