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Exclusive L.E.D. interview with VITALIC

L.E.D. had the opportunity to interview the one and only VITALIC ahead of his show at Voyeur on September 29th, 2010. Without further ado, here are some answers for the curious and inquiring minds out there:

L.E.D.: Who came up with the V Mirror concept?

Vitalic: Exyzt is a popular collective of artists and architects. They made some popular installations and performances. I met a few people when i started to think about the new show and they straight came with this precise concept of mirrors/screens.

L.E.D.: What remixes are you currently working on?

Vitalic: I just finished a remix for Chrystal Castles and dont wish to make any other for the moment. I prefer to focus on touring and making new material.

L.E.D.: What are some of your favorite old school records?

Vitalic: I like the first albums of Garnier, Daft Punk, Dave Clarke, some acid stuff from Djax up Beats...

L.E.D.: Favorite Artist recently?

Vitalic: My recent flash was Caribou and his liquid disco house. My summer love in a way.

L.E.D.: Artist on the lookout for in the near future?

Vitalic: I am waiting for the stuff of Proxy and Donovans.

L.E.D.: First dance record you ever got into?

Vitalic: I guess you dont know it as new beat was popular only in France and Belgium. It was Sound of C from Confetti's

L.E.D.: What are you most looking forward to in the near future?

Vitalic: I still have a few nice gigs to come in europe and of course the us tour is a big thing for me.

L.E.D.: Favorite festival?

Vitalic: Werchter in Belgium. Huge festival and crazy people.

L.E.D.: The wildest country is...?

Vitalic: I think Spain, for its culture of dance and partying. For its sun, nice people, good food and wine.

L.E.D.: Favorite club in the world?

Vitalic: I realky like Razzmatazz in Barcelona and Florida 135.

L.E.D.: If you could open up for anyone who would it be?

Vitalic: I dont know. Someone from my family.

WHEN: Wednesday, September 29th, 2010
WHERE: Voyeur |

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