Luxxury at Bang Bang - April 29, 2016
Fri 04/29

Luxxury at Bang Bang - April 29, 2016

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LA-based producer Blake Robin (aka LUXXURY aka Baron von Luxxury) has been making waves in the disco community over the past two years with his controversial LUXXURY edits. This series of dubby, slow disco remixes highlights buried gold in the original multitracks of classic songs, making the familiar more exciting by unearthing unexpected treasure - or simply making old classics sound new and fresh. His "Hotel California" edit injected new life into that overplayed classic rock song giving it a sexy, dubbed out beat and transforming Don Henley into a vocoderized robot. It was a runaway smash, instantly attracting nearly 300,000 Soundcloud listens, ink from the Wall Street Journal (who published a front page article about him), offers from dozens of labels, and a major internet kerfluffle, all of which served only to boost Luxxury's profile and add to his mystique. He received immediate support from Greg Wilson, Psychemagik, Ursula 1000, Junior Sanchez, Goldroom and hundreds more.

Now the edits are more popular than ever - and, having been banned from Soundcloud, Youtube, Bandcamp and beyond, are only currently available at his live performances. For his DJ aka "Live Remix" sets, Luxxury remixes his collection of multitrack stems on the fly using Ableton Live and his trusty Akai APC40 Mk2, resulting in a one-time-only experience of mostly unreleased and totally exclusive Luxxury edits. Luxxury spent most of last year on the road, including a number of dates in Mexico and three stops in the UK, where he supported Greg Wilson a number of times including a live remix set at Wales’ Festival No. 6. Official remixes soon followed for the likes of Atlantic Records artist Melanie Martinez, Greg Wilson’s new Super Weird Substance project, and Scissor Sister solo artist Del Marquis’ Slow Knights among others, joining Luxxury’s venerable remix discography alongside Little Boots, Glass Candy, HEALTH and many more.

Along with a big touring schedule for 2016, Luxxury also has a half dozen original songs slated for release starting with “Take it Slow” and “Hold On" on Brooklyn’s Deep&Disco (Escort), with further releases dropping on Eskimo and other major labels. Sounding like LCD Soundsystem, Caribou and Jungle dipped in Bee Gees and remixed by Todd Terje, the new songs are heavily steeped in classic West Coast sunshine vintage disco vibes, eschewing the synths of his prior album “The Last Seduction” (Manimal Vinyl) in favor of a smooth-yet-dance-able vintage disco/funk sound. Along with keyboardist/collaborator Billy Caruso (Laco$te, Corridor) the new Luxxury sound doubles down on '78 California: all shimmering Rhodes, dusty anti-EDM disco beats and funky bass lines peppered with blue eyed falsetto vocals provided by Robin himself. Executive producer Josh “Goldroom” Legg says "When I heard Luxxury's first demos, I knew I had to be a part of the project.” Working towards a full lenght album tentatively titled "How to Be Good”, other forthcoming singles include “Breathe”, “I Need You” and “What Do Ya Really Want (featuring MNDR).” The new music is about, as Robin puts it “mature themes, simple, direct and heartfelt - it’s dance music for adults."

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Luxxury at Bang Bang - April 29, 2016
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