Martin Jensen at Bang Bang - February 25th, 2017
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Martin Jensen at Bang Bang - February 25th, 2017

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Martin Jensen

Martin Jensen has become one of music’s greatest viral success stories with more than 2 million likes on his Facebook page and a staggering 450 million views on his videos so far!

He appeared out of nowhere in the beginning of 2015 when he released the bounce hit ’Sí’ inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo’s shout of joy at the Ballon D’or awards. The video, wherein he shows how the hook was created spread like wildfire, so Martin and his label disco:wax decided to produce the full-length version.
Since then the Danish DJ has become a viral phenomenon with his creative and participatory approach to dance music production. He has created more than 35 videos each teasing for a new likeable hook. The idea is to always involve his audience in the creative process of the music, and let them become a part of the decision-making, when choosing a new song to release.

Today Martin Jensen has released four tracks, where three of those originates from videos he has shared on the social media. His single ‘Miracles’ was built upon the sound of a screaming plastic duck sampled in Martin’s video ‘Tropical Duck Army’. The teaser-video has exceeded 30 million views and the full-length song, which vocals is delivered by Danish Bjørnskov, has reached over 21 million plays on Spotify.

Martin’s debut and breakthrough single ‘Sí’ gained a 1st place at Global Viral Top 50 on Spotify when it was released and today the song has streamed more than 20 million times. All in all, Martin has just reached a 100 million plays on Spotify.

Martin’s latest single ‘All I Wanna Do’ was released on April 8th 2016 and in no time it has exceeded 47 million streams. As in ‘Miracles’ Martin was been inspired by a unique sound. Martin made “All I Wanna Do” on the back of the sound from a Minion-figure. Once again Martin shows his phenomenal skills and created a dance-friendly tropical-house hit for the warm summer nights.

The demand for more Martin Jensen is growing and with multiplatinum/gold singles in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Holland he is set to take on the worldwide charts in 2017.

With a huge fan-base around the world the request for Martin live is growing and 2016 has seen him play Ibiza, Croatia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Italy, France and Spain! To see Martin Jensen playing live is where you truly get to know Martin Jensen and feel the full force of his exuberant energetic all-out wall-to-wall musical bombardment!

Stay tuned and watch the next global superstar story in the making unfold.

Be ready to tune into the next single from Martin Jensen – out on the 4th of November.


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Martin Jensen at Bang Bang - February 25th, 2017
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