Perfect Driver Showcase - March 16th, 2018
Fri 03/16

Perfect Driver Showcase - March 16th, 2018

Bang Bang - SD


Perfect Driver Music Showcase ft:

Matthew Anthony
Lover of all things nature, Perfect Driver label-head Matthew Anthony’s aesthetic is a fusion of his passion for drums, upbringing on 90s hip hop and affinity for broken beats. Defining it himself as “house music with extra bass,” his sound pays homage to the past while evolving in the present, nesting perfectly driven basslines with all-around high quality production. Champion the underdog. Cheese is good.

We are all just strangers in the night.

Hotfire’s high energy sound is influenced by a combination of tech-house, fidget, and minimal. Their energetic stage presence along with their self-defining sound leaves the crowd unable to stand still. Every time Hot Fire graces a stage not one body on the dance floor is still, everyone within hearing distance can feel the groovy beats. Their ability to please their expansive audience is limitless.

Bang Bang

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Perfect Driver Showcase - March 16th, 2018
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