Tjani at Bang Bang - April 10th
Fri 04/10

Tjani at Bang Bang - April 10th

Bang Bang - SD

TJANI Bang Bang San Diego



Tijani began his musicial experience as a child listening to the music his father played daily. His mother's side of the family has a long history of famous musicians so it came to no surprise when Tijani began exploring his love for classic dancehall artists such
as Little John, Yellow Man, Barrington Levy, and Shaba Ranks.

He grew to appreciate classic hiphop artists such as Slick Rick, KRS One, and Rakim. Migrating to the U.S he continued the family tradition, where his weekends were filled with assembling and disassembling his father's sound system as they played at different social events in and around Brooklyn, New York. After a short migration to "Motown" Detroit, Michigan, he discovered the underground HipHop, Funk and Dance music scene which he would later help to cultivate through a group he founded with a friend known as "Dope"A" Delic. This group along side Slum Village and Triplex were some of a few to lay the foundation for a brand of alternative hip hop that would later come from the Midwest.

All of these experiences has helped to create Sayeed Tijani a musicial activist who's music is an eclectic mix of reggae dancehall, drum & bass and hip-hop. Attracted to positive music he prefer the message songs to party or boastful themes. Sayeed Tijani music reflexs his diverse range of influences gathered throughout his journey across America back to Jamaica.

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Tjani at Bang Bang - April 10th
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