Zeds Dead Take the Fonda in Epic 2 Night Stand

Hooks and DC (or Zeds Dead with their powers combined) brought their multifaceted sound of low-end wubs, head-nodding hip hop and energizing electro house to the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles this past weekend for an unforgettable Two Night Stand event which also included sets from Aryay, Astronomer, and a very special appearance from Mr. Sonny Moore (Skrillex, guys).

The Fonda proved to be the perfect setting for the Canadian duo’s return to LA, and the crowd couldn’t have been more ready. Notorious for their deep, oftentimes dark and heavy style, Zeds Dead certainly didn't disappoint - curating a genre-spanning mix that included ZD staples like Adrenaline, Hudouken, Wit Me Dub and Collapse; as well as brand new material from their upcoming album that left the ID heads in the crowd reeling.

Those who have been fortunate to catch Zeds Dead live know that few acts can match the eclectic nature or emotional intensity of a ZD show - and those who attended Friday or Saturday night’s performance received the customary faceful of bass and heartful of feels that fans have come to expect from the dynamic duo.

From the initial drop to the very last fadeout, ZD kept the crowd in a perpetual state of bliss by incorporating unexpected gems into their carefully crafted set list. In typical Zeds Dead fashion, the guys came out of the gates with subs blasting, as if to thank all the loyal OG ZD devotees in the house, and let new fans know that they had, in fact, come to the right place.

What can only be described has a lightning quick descent from heaven to hell, ZD’s seamless transition from the Marshemello remix of Avicii’s ‘Waiting for Love’ to ‘Wit Me Dub,’ their collab with Megalodon, was without a doubt one of the more memorable drops of the evening.

Staying true to their hip hop roots, the crowd was also treated to a ZD flip of 'Hip Hop' by Dead Presidents, the track that had everyone’s trunks rattling at one point or another.

One thing that became very apparent throughout the course of their weekend performance is the true love and respect that ZD has for the music and their fans. While it seems other DJ/Producers get behind the mixers and blindly blaze through their cookie-cutter set, it’s clear that Hooks and DC strive for (and achieve) so much more, by encouraging the crown to hug the person next to you as Skream’s remix of ‘Going in for the Kill’ came over the speakers.

The end of the night saw a nostalgic trap flip of ‘Better off Alone,’ which may or may not have brought a tear to our eye.

With a new album on the horizon, we’re excited at the prospects of seeing a lot more of Zeds Dead in 2016.