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Lucas Cornelis van Scheppingen, better known to some simply as Laidback Luke, has been a driving force in dance music for the better part of the last decade. Born in Manila and raised in The Netherlands, Luke has made a name for himself with his quality productions and energetic DJ sets. Having remixed the likes of dance music pioneers Green Velvet, Daft Punk, and Underworld, he has grown to become a pioneer himself. While juggling title as label boss at Mixmash, throwing notorious Super You&Me parties across the globe, and curating a weekly radio show, he also manages to fit Kung Fu into his schedule.

We caught up with Luke as his Musically Driven bus tour begins to get the skinny on the artwork behind his label, upcoming projects, and where you can find him on his days off (rare as they are). You've got two chances to watch his skills behind the decks this week as he makes his way to House of Blues and Voyeur this Thursday, for an 18+ and 21+ show, respectively.
 1. You launched your "Super You&Me" parties in Amsterdam several years ago, which are now being held around the globe. You've even hosted Super You&Me stages at festivals such as EDC and Tomorrowland. How have the parties evolved since the first? Where would you like to throw a Super You&Me party that you haven't yet?
I'm very happy it latched on! I feel the crowd and even the DJs are getting the fun of it now. This was hard to get across at first, as I was the only one dressing up for instance.
We changed the name and style of it a couple of times too. My dream for it has always been to host festival arenas and I'm so happy we got there successfully! I think the only place next is on the moon ha ha.
2. You've openly discussed the tendency for some DJs to lose their sense of humility when reaching a certain point in their careers. In an industry that has shifted to treat DJs somewhat like rockstars, how does one maintain their sense of humility?
Don't believe your own hype. You're a human, we are all humans. You are just a very lucky one. And don't take it for granted! As it will be taken off of you as easily as it came.
Be thankful and respect every other human being as a human being. We are all equal! Staying humble can only help you, whereas becoming arrogant can cost you your career.
3. Illustrator Olivier Cramm curates the album artwork for the releases on your label, Mixmash. Are the funky, surrealist designs a reflection of the playful nature of your music? Or was that coincidence?
Yes it does! It's very fun most of the time. It has a hint of grafitti in there too, but yet, there's also a reference to some spooky stuff in there as well.
4. Your wife and fellow DJ, Gina Turner, has a well-known love for yoga, while you indulge in a bit of Kung Fu yourself. Does the mindful nature of these practices play a part in how you approach your music, either in the studio or behind the decks?
My Kung Fu is a way of life. It affects me as a human being. And in that sense it affect everything I do in life. Kung Fu means skill achieved through hard work, and I approach my music and career like that.
5. Your touring schedule has pretty much been non-stop the past several years. When you do have the odd day off, where can we find you?
You can find me in the kitchen cooking or practicing my Kung Fu and Tai Chi. I'm like obsessed and love it! But I'm doing this on a very high level now and I'm even a Kung Fu instructor. So I have to keep up my level too.
6. So far this year you've collaborated with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Hardwell, and most recently, Martin Solveig. Your "Musically Driven" bus tour across North America is also just kicking off. What else is in the pipeline for you?
After 'Blow', my collab with Martin Solveig, I have a collab with Project 46 ready to be released. It will be a more big room type song. Currently working on tracks with Ferry Corsten,Will Sparks and Peking Duk as well. A lot of exciting music coming up!

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