Interview with Said The Sky

Interview by: Mike Walkusky for LED

Illenium brought you out as a special guest during his Coachella set. What was that like?

It was such an amazing feeling. We've done that show quite a few times by that point, but never to such a large crowd or on such a large platform. I love Nick, Dabin, David, and the rest of the team so much I was so happy I was able to share the experience with them.

Also, we read that this was the first time you had ever attended the festival. What did you think of your first Coachella? 
It was my first Coachella! I had little to no idea what to expect, so was absolutely mind-blown at the sight of each stage and how many people were out there to enjoy some great music.
You have an album coming out later this year. What can fans expect to hear on your album?
I do! Honestly fans can expect to hear a bit of everything. I have some really fun uplifting future bass, some groovy mid-tempo stuff, and even some much chiller/almost acoustic songs. I'm really excited to share my range of passion and abilities in music in the album with everyone, and can only hope everyone understands and enjoys it.
Colorado is home to many of electronic music's most creative and innovative producers. How much has Colorado influenced your music and career?
 I think Colorado has affected me and my music more than I can fully understand. I've made so many amazing connections with some really amazing people out here, and have met my best friends in the world while living here. I have no idea where I would be today if I grew up anywhere else, but I do know that I'm beyond blessed to be where I am today, and I do have Colorado to thank for a lot of that.
Who were your biggest influences when you first started producing music?
My influences were all over the place when I first started making music. I remember back in middle school when a friend of mine started sharing some of his music with me. I started listening to Sasha & Digweed, Darude, 4 Strings... a lot of prog house and trance. I loved how uplifting and beautiful it all was. Shortly after that I found Gemini, which led me to melodic dubstep. I undoubtedly found Seven Lions music and became pretty obsessed. Through all of that time though, I was always in love with and listening to Owl City. Something about how happy his music was, it felt like there was no room for sadness. I couldn't listen to his music and feel anything other than joy. I think that's had a large part to do with the overall feeling I try, or even just naturally seem to put into a lot of my music.

What artist do you want to collaborate with the most?
If I could collaborate with anyone in the world it would be Owl City. His music has always held such a big place in my heart.
What's been the craziest moment of your career so far?
This is a really hard question! There's been so many amazing things that have happened and that I'm thankful for, but I think for me the most eye opening moment  was when I sold out my first hometown show. I remember standing next to the stage with my manager watching Toy Box perform, getting ready in my head, when my agent ran up to us and started shouting "WE SOLD IT OUT, WE SOLD IT OUT". At the time I was so focused on my set that I don't think I really reacted with as much excitement as I should have, but over the next few days it really sunk in. My whole life I've wanted to be a musician, and it was really happening. I am so blessed to be doing what I'm doing.

Out of all the cities that you haven't performed in yet, where do you want to perform the most?
I think I'd have to say anywhere in Hawaii! I've never been, but have heard nothing but amazing things.
What do you think about the current state of electronic dance music?
From what I see, I think dance music is starting to shift into more of an organic place. More people are starting to do live sets, play instruments in their music and during their shows... That makes me really excited coming from an instrumental heavy background.