Tramps Like Us 2015 Recap

On September 25th, the Valley View Casino Center underwent its quarterly transformation into the LED Dome as dance music fans invaded the arena to experience Tramps Like Us. The stacked lineup coupled with the amazing atmosphere led to an unforgettable night for attendees.

Everyone who showed up early to the LED Dome was greeted by a huge opening set by UFO.

Wax Motif took the stage after UFO and kept the crowd hyped with his blend of future bass and g-house. If you missed his set, you can catch him at CRSSD Fest on October 10th.

heRobust came on after Wax Motif and had everyone in the crowd throwing up their trap arms.

Branchez kept the trap vibe going, but he elected to scale it back a bit from heRobust's crazy, drop-filled set. The change in sound was welcomed by the crowd, as everyone's arms seemed to be tired after throwing them up during the previous set.

Kryder took the stage next and laid down an enjoyable house set before the three co-headliners—Martin Solveig, 3LAU, and Adventure Club—took the stage.

Martin Solveig strayed from his pop sound as a producer and showed that he can drop some massive festival tunes as a DJ. If you want to relive Solveig's set, you're in luck. One brave soul recorded the entire set, which you can watch below.

3LAU followed up Solveig with a set full of feel-good, singalong tracks. He dropped ZAXX's remix of Alice Deejay's classic, "Better Off Alone," as well as his own edits of Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Otherside" and Paris & Simo's remix of Zombie by Kernkraft 400. However, the 3LAU edit that received the most love from the crowd was his mashup of Galantis' "U & I" and his own single, "How You Love Me."

Adventure Club didn't hit the stage until 2:15am, but their infectious energy managed to whip the crowd into a frenzy. Their set was stuffed with hits, and one of their songs stood out as the most memorable moment of the night for me. As a 25-year-old working in the corporate world, Adventure Club's remix of "Youth" struck a chord. With the night winding down and my group of friends trying to squeeze out every last bit of fun from the event, I belted out the lyrics of "Youth." I loved the remix when it first came out, but I didn't truly relate to it until I heard Adventure Club drop it at Tramps Like Us.

Brillz closed out the night with his signature twonk sound. The fans who were still at the LED Dome went crazy. They clearly wanted to savor every last minute of Tramps Like Us before they had to head home. The last tramps standing ensured that this was an experience they would never forget.