KSHMR Debuts at the Fonda Theater

KSHMR fans have been patiently waiting to catch a glimpse of the mysterious producer/DJ (formerly of The Cataracs) in action since his debut in 2014. Just as excitement and anticipation seemed to be reaching near intolerable levels, big room and progressive house enthusiasts rejoiced as KSHMR’s first ever live performance took place in Hollywood over the weekend.

Although he’s been a staple on the Beatport charts since exploding onto the dance scene over a year ago, KSHMR has chosen to spend his time in the studio finetuning his craft, instead of on stage. That all changed as the “Burn” producer prepared to stepped out in front of a packed house at the Fonda Theater this past Saturday.

Those familiar with the genre know that progressive house is all about energy. With that said, few producers take you from zero to sixty as fast or as hard as KSHMR. In true big room fashion, his tracks are powered by core-cutting kicks that propel you through a reverb soaked melody. However, this isn’t some uninspired, cookie-cutter house. Instead, the style that KSHMR is able to achieve is unequivocally his own, and resembles what you might imagine a Hans Zimmer movie score to sound like if he had grown up a raving millennial.

Before it was time for KSHMR to anoint us with the sweet nectar of the house gods, we would first be treated to performances by trap heavyweight Yogi, and fellow big room behemoths Bassjackers. The tone of the night was set as soon as Yogi got the bass booming by dropping his unmistakable brand of dark trill-hop. Faces lit up and eyes widened as the crowd was picking up what Yogi was putting down, and visa versa.

Once the time came for Bassjackers to take the stage, the energy was high and smiles were widespread - both of which increased exponentially once Bassjackers began to deliver their electronic gospel to an audience that was all ears. In fact, I was beginning to wonder if KSHMR would be able to whip the crowd into a bigger frenzy than they already were in.

He certainly didn’t disappoint, as his unforgiving, anthemic production style translated well to the stage. Syths soared as KSHMR took the audience on a fast-paced, hard-hitting musical journey of epic proportions. As hit after hit blasted through the speakers, the energy of the crowd grew palpable, and before long the Fonda had transformed into a scene straight out of Sahara Tent. Fans were treated to familiar favorites like “Karate”, “Megalodon” and “Secrets,” as well as new tracks and deeper cuts that undoubtedly left some scouring the internet for a setlist.

The vibe was electric from start to finish, as what started as a group of strangers at a show turned into a family of friends who had just experienced one for the ages.