Interview with Said The Sky

Interview by: Mike Walkusky for LED

Illenium brought you out as a special guest during his Coachella set. What was that like?

It was such an amazing feeling. We've done that show quite a few times by that point, but never to such a large crowd or on such a large platform. I love Nick, Dabin, David, and the rest of the team so much I was so happy I was able to share the experience with them.

Also, we read that this was the first time you had ever attended the festival. What did you think of your first Coachella? 
It was my first Coachella! I had little to no idea what to expect, so was absolutely mind-blown at the sight of each stage and how many people were out there to enjoy some great music.
You have an album coming out later this year. What can fans expect to hear on your album?
I do! Honestly fans can expect to hear a bit of everything. I have some really fun uplifting future bass, some groovy mid-tempo stuff, and even some much chiller/almost acoustic songs. I'm really excited to share my range of passion and abilities in music in the album with everyone, and can only hope everyone understands and enjoys it.
Colorado is home to many of electronic music's most creative and innovative producers. How much has Colorado influenced your music and career?
 I think Colorado has affected me and my music more than I can fully understand. I've made so many amazing connections with some really amazing people out here, and have met my best friends in the world while living here. I have no idea where I would be today if I grew up anywhere else, but I do know that I'm beyond blessed to be where I am today, and I do have Colorado to thank for a lot of that.
Who were your biggest influences when you first started producing music?
My influences were all over the place when I first started making music. I remember back in middle school when a friend of mine started sharing some of his music with me. I started listening to Sasha & Digweed, Darude, 4 Strings... a lot of prog house and trance. I loved how uplifting and beautiful it all was. Shortly after that I found Gemini, which led me to melodic dubstep. I undoubtedly found Seven Lions music and became pretty obsessed. Through all of that time though, I was always in love with and listening to Owl City. Something about how happy his music was, it felt like there was no room for sadness. I couldn't listen to his music and feel anything other than joy. I think that's had a large part to do with the overall feeling I try, or even just naturally seem to put into a lot of my music.

What artist do you want to collaborate with the most?
If I could collaborate with anyone in the world it would be Owl City. His music has always held such a big place in my heart.
What's been the craziest moment of your career so far?
This is a really hard question! There's been so many amazing things that have happened and that I'm thankful for, but I think for me the most eye opening moment  was when I sold out my first hometown show. I remember standing next to the stage with my manager watching Toy Box perform, getting ready in my head, when my agent ran up to us and started shouting "WE SOLD IT OUT, WE SOLD IT OUT". At the time I was so focused on my set that I don't think I really reacted with as much excitement as I should have, but over the next few days it really sunk in. My whole life I've wanted to be a musician, and it was really happening. I am so blessed to be doing what I'm doing.

Out of all the cities that you haven't performed in yet, where do you want to perform the most?
I think I'd have to say anywhere in Hawaii! I've never been, but have heard nothing but amazing things.
What do you think about the current state of electronic dance music?
From what I see, I think dance music is starting to shift into more of an organic place. More people are starting to do live sets, play instruments in their music and during their shows... That makes me really excited coming from an instrumental heavy background.

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Interview with MSTRKRFT

MSTRKRFT Interview

We had a chance to sit down with Jesse of MSTRKRFT to ask some questions before they make their way to San Diego on their first tour in over five years. Read what he had to say:

Q: Who/what were the biggest influences for OPERATOR?

The gear we decided to use really became a third member of the band on this record.  We decided to sorta take a back seat to the machines and not try to force them to do what we wanted, and instead follow their lead.  It creates a kind of feedback loop while you work.  Sust deciding to do that was the biggest influence on how the record turned out.

MSTRKRFT Operator Spotify Full Album

Q: What was the creative process like for OPERATOR?

We would turn on all the gear, hit record on the computer and then not look at it until we were leaving.  We didn't want to look at a screen or think about making music that way.  We just focused on the gear we had in front of us and tried to forget about things like wether or not the music we were making had a purpose beyond just making us happy.

Q: How do you feel about OPERATOR now that it's finished and released?

We are very happy with it.  It's always good to see your work get released like this.  We started work on the next album as soon as this record was mixed, and having this out feels like a door has opened for us to push things much further.

Q: How do your current live shows differ from the live shows you played after releasing 'The Looks' and 'Fist of God'?

The biggest difference is that we are mostly performing live now, although we still DJ when it makes more sense for the club etc.  In terms of what we are playing when we DJ, I think the feel on operator is expressed there as well.

Q: How has your modular equipment influenced your recorded music and your live shows?

The key for us was not using equipment on the record that we couldn't also travel with and use live.  The modular setups are always evolving to some extent, and have changed many times this year already.  Working this way really makes every show very different, and allows us to really feed off of the room more than ever before.

Q: What are your thoughts on the current state of dance music?

I feel like this is a somewhat impossible question to answer.  It's like asking someone about a city they visited, in that the things they experienced shaped their opinion.  I think dance music is in an incredible place right now, with more creativity and resolve than ever before, but then thats just based on the things I pay attention to and listen to.  I'm sure theres a sea of garbage out there, but if I don't pay attention, for me it doesn't exist.  hope that makes sense.

Q: How has dance music changed since you first released 'The Looks'?

It seems like its gone through a cycle and into a place we had hoped and imagined it would.

Q: Who are your favorite DJs/producers?

Gary Beck, Robert Hood, Phantoms Revenge, Truncate, Surgeon, Len Faki… hard to choose!

Q: Who are your favorite bands?

Right now?  Cult Leader, Naomi Punk… again, very very hard to choose!

Q: What can MSTRKRFT fans expect from you guys over the next few years?

We will keep making music that makes us happy.

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Jauz's Feeding Friendzy Tour Invades LA

When Jauz advertised "very special guests" would be joining him on stage during his much anticipated return to LA this past weekend, nobody could have predicted the who's who of all-star DJs that helped blow the roof off the Fonda Theatre back-to-back nights. Those who were lucky enough to attend both nights were treated to two very different (but equally mind-blowing) lineups and performances.

Thursday night kicked off with opening performances from west coast G-house up-and-comer Ryan Collins, as well as trap heavyweight araabMUZIK - who (as always) impressed with his unrivaled live production skills. This, however, was just the tip of the iceberg.

Once the anthemic intro of 'Welcome to Planet Urf' came over the speakers, the crowd new it was time for the real show to begin. Anticipation quickly turned to gratification, as Jauz hit the stage and wasted now time dropping his signature mix of electrifying bass-house and face-melting dubstep.

Few producers/DJs are as in high demand right now as Jauz (aka Sam Vogel). At just 22 years of age, he's managed to help pioneer the bass-house genre, reinvigorated the dubstep scene, and has garnered the support of some the biggest names in the industry. Aside from obvious hard work, motivation and dedication, much of Jauz's success can be attributed to the unwavering support of his fans, who have affectionately been dubbed the 'sharksquad' - who were out in full force during his two-night takeover of the Fonda.

Aside from popular EDM bangers like Herobust's Smother Shit, and Jauz's own remix of Knife Party's PLUR Police, he also displayed his range and paid homage to some of the music that influenced him growing up, by mixing in System of a Down's B.Y.O.B., Linkin Park's In The End, as well as the Drezo remix of Drowning Pool's Bodies.

It was soon time to introduce his first very special guest of the night, his mother Lisa, which resulted in a collective "Awwwwww" from the crowd. In a facebook post, Jauz went on to say, "I owe so much to her and her unconditional support. She has always been my rock and my biggest supporter and I couldn't be more happy that she came out to watch me this weekend."

Jauz then introduced his next special guest; none other than happy-trap pioneer Marshmello who joined Jauz b2b. Fans were treated to an extended set by the masked DJ, whose self-imposed anonymity combined with his one-of-a-kind sound of flowing neon melodies, booming 808’s and pitched and modulated vocals has helped fuel his (as well as the genre's) meteoric rise.

Jauz Marshmello The Friendzy Tour

Many were hoping Mello would make an appearance, as Jauz as always been a huge proponent of his music, and those folks were not disappointed. Even better, he didn't just hop on the mixers for a couple of tracks, but instead treated the crowd to a mini Mello concert, which included newer cuts like Flash Funk, his remix of Adelle's Hello, and the Jauz x Marshmello collab remix of Duke Dumont's Need U (100%).

If the show would have ended at this point, anyone would have chalked this show up to one of the best in recent memory. However, Jauz wasn't done, nor were his special guest. Just when you thought things couldn't get any better, Borgore, Getter, Snails and Ookay hit the stage for a set that had dubstep enthusiasts simultaneously dancing and drooling. By the end of the night, it was evident by the look on the crowds face that they knew they'd just witnessed something truly special.

While some might have thought that Friday night would be a letdown compared to Thursday's superstar lineup, it was soon clear how dead wrong that speculation was.

Alvin Risk got the crowd warmed up, and was followed by the first surprise guest of the evening, Waka Flocka Flame. Joined by DJ Whoo Kid, Waka Flocka drew an eruption from everyone at the venue with his fiery brand of trap. With a start to the night like that, it was clear that the crowd was in for another legendary night.

When Jauz finally hit the stage, his sharksquad made their presence known. Those in attendance night one that thought they'd hear a lot of the same tracks were treated to a very different set than night one.

After blessing the audience with the classics as well as some deep cuts, Jauz announced his next special guest of the night; OG Kill The Noise. The on stage combination of one of the innovators of dubstep, along with one of the genres newest superstars was something incredible to see (and hear, of course).

The end of the night was again the pinnacle of the evening, as Marshmello, Ookay and Getter returned. However, this time, they were joined none other than global icons Skrillex and Diplo (Jack Ü). The energy of the crowd went from already unmeasurable to straight-up earth-shattering. The addition of What So Not, Aryay, Dirtyphonics, and LED's own TJR accounted for one of the most memorable b2b sets of all-time, and turned the Fonda into perhaps one of the largest EDM parties the city of LA has ever experienced.

Perhaps even better than knowing that those in attendance were truly having the time of their lives, was the fact that the talent on stage was having just as an amazing experience. It's refreshing to see that no matter how globally successful all of the aforementioned artists have become, they still do what they do night in and night out to put a smile on the collective faces of their fans.

At this point, Jauz withdrawl has set in, and the sharksquad is eagerly awaiting their next chance to see this incredible performer, and whatever special guests he has in store for us next time.

Jauz Marshmello Fonda Theatre LED presents

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