Treasure Fingers Releases Mix for Splash House

Splash House's first weekend is right around the corner, and we can't wait to party underneath the Palm Springs sun. To help get you in the mood for the festival, Treasure Fingers has put together an exclusive mix chock-full of massive summertime tunes. Treasure Fingers moves from track to track quickly in this 30-minute, 15-track mix, but he's somehow able to ensure that each track stands out during its short amount of playtime.

Treasure Fingers kicks off the mix with "Piano Hand," Chris Lake and Chris Lorenzo's new track. "Piano Hand" features Lorenzo's signature jackin' house sound, which provides a perfect soundscape for a pool party. Treasure Fingers then seamlessly transitions into Adamwah's "In My Soul," followed my Kreap's recent mix of DJ Sneak's rolling house track "Funky Rhythm."

Rektchordz' "Roar" injects a bit more ominous sound into the mix while still keeping the upbeat mood pulsating forward. Jeremih's chopped up vocals appear next as part of Go Freek's remix of Crookers' "I Just Can't." Go Freek's distinctive gutter tech style is a welcome addition, adding some crunchiness to the tracklist. Treasure Fingers then cleans it up a bit by bringing in Freya's angelic vocals on Helsloot's "Rain," followed by Nicky Night Time's huge garage tune "Gonna Get Better." On the eighth track in the mix, Chris Lake makes his second appearance--this time via his and Rrotik's remix of "Real Joy" by Fono.

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Treasure Fingers brings the funk with J Paul Getto's "Yeah Chicago Hustle (DJ Tool)" next. J Paul Getto's innovative 'DJ Tools' blend different songs together to create a cohesive track that DJs can play out in their mixes. The DJ Tool in this mix features "Yeah (Jaceo Remix)" by David Glass, "Bringing The Funk" by CZR & Alex Peace, and "Salsoul Hustle" by The Salsoul Orchestra--a famous soul and disco band in the late 1970s and early 1980s. After an unknown track, Treasure Fingers drops Phantom's Revenge's "Club Rotation 99." The groovy tune is an homage to a German music show in the 1990s called "Club Rotation."

About 25 minutes into the mix, we finally get a taste of some Treasure Fingers music. First, he drops his brand-new, funky remix of Mr. Gonzo's "Got This Feeling." Next, he mixes in his 2008 classic "Cross The Dancefloor," but it's Mad Villains' self-described "ghetto spin" on the track. Mad Villains' revival of "Cross The Dancefloor" is stunning, and it's a great way to introduce the classic tune to new dance music fans.

The 14th track in the mix is an ID, but you might have it stuck in your head after listening to it. The sentence "I'm in your house, drinking all your Kool-Aid" is constantly repeated throughout the track, and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it for the past few days.

During the last minute of the mix, Treasure Fingers seals it up with a bow by dropping his club mix of "Moving On."

If you feel like you can't wait 10 days for the start of Spring Splash, just put this flawless mix on repeat, close your eyes, and envision yourself dancing in a pool with your closest friends. It will help make the wait much more bearable.

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Treasure Fingers Splash House Mix Tracklist 2015


Axwell at my Life Every Day USA [track list]

Axwell my Life Every Day USA

On the second day of My Life Every Day USA, international superstar Axwell was one of the biggest draws.

As expected, Axwell played a heavy Swedish House Mafia set, but he also dropped a few gems into his set. The new Don Diablo & Matt Nash song “Starlight (Could You Be Mine)” was great to hear live for the first time. Nicky Romero’s new collaboration with Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano—which has a working title of “Jack To The Sound Of The Underground”—was another impressive song choice by Axwell.

About midway through his set, Axwell played his new song “Center Of The Universe.” A good portion of the crowd knew the lyrics to the song despite the fact it had yet to be officially released. “Center Of The Universe” was officially released on May 30, and it currently sits at #1 on the Beatport Top 10 chart.

Hearing Daft Punk’s new song “Doin’ It Right” was a welcomed curveball from Axwell. He mashed the song up with Deniz Koyu’s “Rage” in order to make it a bit more festival-ready.

Throughout Axwell’s set, the crowd was subjected to an absolute sensory overload. In addition to the mind-bending lasers on display, Axwell brought pyrotechnics that went off on several occasions. Each time the pyrotechnics lit up the Valley View Casino Center, the crowd’s eyes grew wide in utter amazement. All of the fantastic visuals paired with Axwell’s fun set made for an awesome overall experience.

For your viewing pleasure, here is Axwell’s full set courtesy of Cristian Luna. Also included is a handy dandy tracklist below the videos so that you know exactly what songs Axwell played.

Axwell’s My LED USA track list